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City Albidona (Italy) is located in the mountains, everyone who’ll visit it will be definitely surprised by its beautiful mountain views, gardens, and vineyards. If you’ll drive by the mountain road, soon you’ll find yourself at the sea.

But that’s not all. Great news appeared in 2021.

It’s become easier to buy 1 euro house in Italy due to its new program. And the reason is Albidonia, with a population of 1500 people, participated in two different programs.

The first one is one euro house. The second one is an initiative for those people who are younger than 40 and would like to succeed in entrepreneurship. For example Bed & Breakfast hotel, a farmer’s house, or in the handicraft business. This initiative provided up to 28 000 euros from Calabria region. This project provides a movie to the place within 90 days, right from the moment when an application was accepted and the possibility to settle down at the specified location in the next few years.

For the one euro house program, buyers should follow the rules, established by the municipal administration and provide a specific package of documents. 

If you want to see the full list of documents and understand what steps you should do to get it right, check the book: How to buy one euro house. Full instruction.

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How to call Albidonia?

The code of Italy is: +39

 The code of Albidonia city is: 981

Also, You can find the official document for one euro house from the municipal administration right here.

What to see in Albidonia?

 The tower of Albidonia is located at the hill near the sea. It was built by the Spanish king Don Toledo in the 16th century to observe and prevention of attacks from the sea. 

There are a lot of waterfalls near the city. Traveling to Albidonia you may discover a lot of beautiful places:

Are there any hospitals, schools, or restaurants?

There’s a great hotel restaurant with good reviews.

Also, you may find the electric vehicle charging station, church, grocery stores, and football field.

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