Andrew Kushnir

May 15, 2024

— Andrew Kushnir

New roads that lead to Italy. We are updating our block and preparing a YouTube broadcast with those who have already participated in the auction and bought a house for 1 euro in Italy.

Many find it remarkable that a builder by education and calling has embarked on such a social project as “Houses for 1 Euro”.

I’ve been told: “There are so many wonderful materials and solutions to work with! Why Italian ruins?”

There is an answer to this, one that will be clear to anyone who has ever been involved in creating architecture and building a home. A true builder-creator, an architect, always strives for their space to not only be functional but to transform the world around it, providing a new experiential value and passing through layers of history and culture, both past and future.

The reconstruction of a house for 1 euro provides precisely this kind of experience. You take something “hopelessly nothing” and create from it something deserving of attention. You transform and subject time, history, human fragility, and the world, giving it a new life.

These contrasts can change not only a specific house but also internal cleaning and reconstruction. Many connections between people in our lives are being destroyed. They suffer from trials, difficulties, and time. We are unable to control this or we lack the strength and time for it.

After the reconstruction of your “House for 1 Euro” is completed, you will no longer think the same. You will understand that many things around us, connected with people, can also be attempted to be restored or paid tribute to. But that’s not all. Recently, I’ve been very interested in modular homes and the feeling of freedom that you get from interacting with this concept. Unfortunately, I see that the climate of the planet is changing, and in the next 3-5 years, the concept of “climate refugees” will become more widespread.

The concept of a “modular home” helps mitigate these risks because you can always move your home to a new location. I’m also interested in combining the concept of “house for 1 euro” and a modular home. You’ve probably seen several such solutions on the website, and in the future, I’ll try to work on this.

Read my book – and the best articles – this way you support our small but important project. Thank you!

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