• Skala dei Turchi - the most beautiful beach of Sicily

    Skala dei Turchi – the most beautiful beach of Sicily

    An incredibly spectacular wild beach in the province of Agrigento! Tourists are mesmerized by the picturesque coastline, surrounded by sheer snow-white limestone cliffs, dazzling in the sun. For their unusual stepped relief, the Italians nicknamed them the Turkish Staircase. The…

  • The best Sicilian wines

    The best Sicilian wines

    The main varieties of Sicily, of course, are local – red Nero d’Avola, Nerello, Frappato, whites – Grillo, Cataratto, Inzolia, Dzibibbo (nothing else but Muscat of Alexandria). Of course, international ones are also grown (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc),…

  • News

    Start Day Positive

    The world is tired of the Сoronavirus and wants to return to full life. As you know, Italy is a tourist country and in many respects the well-being of Italians depends on the comfort of tourists. It is for this…

  • Life Is Adventure

    Life Is Adventure

    Everything is possible in our world. Everything is possible when a person allows himself to become a child again. Anything is possible when he leaves the house and squinting his eyes looks at the sun through the jagged edge of…

  • Beautiful Sicily. Unforgettable Salemi

    Beautiful Sicily. Unforgettable Salemi

    If you are in doubt about the choice of your trip, you should see this! An unforgettable Sicilian atmosphere that will take your heart. Salemi will be of interest to many who want to visit the heart of Sicilian agritourism…