Kingdom of Sicily

During the period when the kingdoms were created and formed one after another and the first crusades were organized, the first Normans landed in the south of Sicily in 1061 and attacked Messina. It must be said that the battle never happened and the city surrendered without a fight. In many textbooks, they write the word “attacked and battle.” Most likely to add drama to events.

This is how the long history of the Kingdom of Sicily began.

I must say that the Normans were very mobile people. They constantly could not sit still and they had already managed to go to the south of France.

How did the Normans conquer Sicily? Kingdom Creation

Note: Historians know what they didn’t like about France. We think that the reason for this is high taxes in France or bad fishing. The Normans are very fond of fishing, and poor fishing could be the reason for their further military campaign on the territory of modern Italy and Sicily. There is an opinion that the point is not in fishing, but in the nasty nature of the Vikings. Modern Vikings do not agree with them and, in confirmation of this, arrange bike rides and horse races.

After Messina, the Nomarnds defeated the Arabs in several more battles (all because Sicily controlled the Sicilian Arab Emirate from 965 to 1072).

It is known about such victories of the Normans: the battles of Enna (1061), the Battle of Cherami (1063) and Misilmeri (1068), and in 1072 Roger took Palermo.

Who is Roger 1?

Who is Roger who took Palermo, you ask… This is the great Count of Sicily who, at the age of 30, arranged this military event. He was the twelfth and youngest son in the family, who looked after his mother almost until the age of 26. (Here we decided that we needed to call Hollywood and ask why a good film about this story had not yet been made, but then we remembered that they were busy with Avtar3 and decided not to distract them).

In general, our hero was a kind and talented guy, but then Merlin most likely came to him and gave him the Stone of Infinity. Events have changed dramatically. Roger became a successful conqueror and, according to official sources, died at the age of 70. According to unofficial sources, he left for Bali to meditate and train in Qi energy.

After successful conquests, the luck of the Normans and Roger ended and it took them another 18 years to recapture Sicily. The reason for such a long war was that there were constant reinforcements from Africa for the Arab troops and probably black magic and dragons were involved.

The Byzantines also caused enough problems for Roger. They also controlled part of the island centred in Calabria and several cities on the coast of Apulia. The expulsion of the Byzantines from Italy took another 13 years and ended on April 16, 1071.

13 years is also a difficult figure. You need to know that Byzantium was formed from the Roman Empire and the Roman Empire owned almost the whole world and brought many artefacts for battles:

In any case, these were great and unusual battles, and we will continue this story in the second series. This is because the owner of the Travelsami website apparently discovered that I slightly changed his boring article about the Kingdom of Sicily and is now blocking my access.

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