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1 Euro House Italy 2023

In this article, we discuss a number of important issues related to the “1 Euro house for sale in Italy” program in 2023. If you are just starting to be interested in this project, our answers will be particularly useful.

For more experienced readers, we have prepared a series of documents that will help you create a step-by-step plan for purchasing a 1 euro house, as well as clarify the rules for participating in the auction, the deposit amount, and application deadlines for all cities in Italy and Sicily in 2023. Every week, we receive many questions by email, and these questions are often duplicated. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

  • Where to find a list of cities participating in the “1 Euro house for sale in Italy” program in 2023?
  • What One Euro House are available for sale?
  • Where are the one euro houses in Italy ? Do you have a map of 1 Euro houses for 2023?
  • I have done an analysis and I have a list of houses that look suitable. But where can I get a floor plan? What does the inside of the house look like?
  • I am buying a 1 euro house. How much money should I offer at the auction?

This long article will try to answer all these questions, but it is also important to pay attention to one detail…

Before exploring each region in more detail, let’s find out which cities are selling houses for 1 euro in 2023. Each of them has its own rules, the amount of the deposit, the terms for repairs. For convenience, we have collected this information in one table, translated from Italian into English and will send it to you by mail for free. You will also be the first to receive updates if a new region joins the €1 Home Sale Program.

We have provided a list of more than 40 regions below and having received our analytics, it will be easier for you to study the official websites of municipalities with home programs for 1 euro.

Free 1 Euro Homes in Italy 2023

Comune 2023 – 2024:
Comune di Calanna 2024visit
Comune Di Canistro visit
Ripacandida in Basilicatavisit
Comune di Cattolica Eraclea visit
Comune di Chiaromonte visit visit
Comune San-Cataldo visit, visit
Comune Castel di Luciovisit
Comune di Tarantovisit
Santelia a Pianisivisit

This list of homes is updated every two weeks. We make sure it is up-to-date. It should be noted that there are cities that have already conducted house sales before and are in the process of organizing the second or third round of auctions.

But firs..tLet’s discuss the concept of ‘Free 1 Euro houses for sale’ and try to categorize them to better understand how these houses came to be known as ‘free.’

The first type refers to houses in cities where auctions are currently taking place. This means that city authorities have outlined the following rules: ‘We have 30 houses. We will sell them at an auction, for example, after August 15, 2023. Until August 15, you can submit applications to participate by stating your price for the house and fulfilling other requirements outlined in our rules (The price usually starts from 1 Euro and can reach up to 4000 Euros, depending on the condition of the house). So, until August 15, all these houses can be considered ‘free.’

The second type includes houses that remained after the auction. They can be considered ‘free’ for various reasons. For example, many are aware that an auction of houses for 1 Euro took place in Salerno. Participants submitted applications, and the city authorities designated the winners. Unfortunately, after the auction, it was discovered that some of the houses were not eligible for Eco Bonus and Sisma Bonus, which are government incentives in Italy. Two buyers who had won the auction decided not to purchase these houses. We discuss these bonuses in our book, which can be purchased on Amazon. However, in order to prioritize your interests and provide you with the necessary information, we want to emphasize that buying our book is not mandatory to understand these bonuses. Legislation regarding bonuses often changes, so rely only on up-to-date information from official government sources, and it’s better to search for them in the Italian language.

Our book contains dozens of other equally important tips that will guide you to your dream home for 1 Euro without risks.

Thus, the second type of ‘free houses’ is formed.

There is also a third type of ‘free houses.’ There are cities that conducted the first round of the 1 Euro house program and intend to hold a second round, for example, next year. Some buyers, aware of this and familiar with the city they want to live in, acquire such houses even before they are put up for auction.

Our advice is to review the list below for 2023, but also pay close attention to the cities that conducted the 1 Euro house program in 2022 or earlier. If your dream city is among them, take action!”

1 Euro House Sicily 2023

We will start this section with exciting news! Salami is preparing for a second auction of 1 Euro houses! This was announced by the Mayor of Salemi, Domenico Venuti, in mid-July 2023.

We have written extensively about this and believe that if you want to buy a 1 Euro house in Sicily, Salemi is the first place you should pay attention to.

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Of course, we will provide a list of other cities as well because we are sailing on the same yacht called Sicily and we want it to prosper! If you have read the information above carefully, it means that even if the first auction has ended, a second one may be in preparation. Read about it on official websites. Here is the list below:

Cammaratavisit visit
Sambuca di Siciliavisit
Cattolica Eraclea visit

List of 1 Euro Houses 2022

Despite the fact that these programs started in 2022, some of them are still continuing their “one-euro home” program. This is because the program consists of two stages: first, owners submit an application to sell their home (and prepare the necessary documents), and only then are these homes put up for auction and sold to buyers.

Take a bonus for houses for 1 Euro here
Comune San Biagio Platani – 2022visit
Piazza Armerina – 2022visit
Zungoli 2022 – waiting for 4th roundvisit
Bonnanaro – 2022visit
Calatafimisegesta – 2022visit
Penne – 2022visit
Cammarata 2022visit visit

Map of 1 euro houses in Italy:

Don’t translate italian! Download conditions for houses for 1 euro 2023 in English

Read our: Сheap houses in Italy. Guide 2023

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