Sicilian Orange Salad

Sicilian Orange Salad

I suggest all my tourists try this salad during lunch or dinner. It is very simple, easy to execute, useful and beautiful! Especially good in winter, during the citrus season.

So, we take the number of oranges in proportion to the number of participants in the meal. If there are two of you, take two; if four, take four. Then it’s definitely enough for everyone 🙂

We peel the oranges, cut them into rings or pieces, to them:

red sweet onions – to taste, about a quarter or half of the onion
finely chopped parsley
black olives, pieces 8-10
red hot pepper
season with olive oil

Garlic lovers can add it.
The second version of the salad maybe the version with white fennel tubers. Oranges, onions also go well with it. Half a fennel bulb should be sufficient.

Do not be afraid of the strong and at first glance incompatible: sweet oranges and onions. In fact, this is an amazing combination!