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Salemi is a charming town located in the Trapani province of Italy. It is indeed known for its rich history, interesting facts, and unique places that make it a captivating destination. Salemi has a significant place in Italian history as it was once the provisional capital of Italy. In 1860, during the unification of Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi declared Salemi as the first capital of the newly unified country. However, the capital was later moved to Turin.

Salemi Sicily – the name of this town burst onto TV screens in the wonderful British show “The Italian Job”. I must say that the city is improving every day and behind this is the constant work of the city authorities and its residents.

Salemi village in Sicily | Interesting places, Facts, & History

Frequently asked questions: Salemi

In this part of Sicily, there is one large bus company that does the main transportation. You can find out the bus schedule for example from Palermo at the link

The weather in Salemi is quite warm with an average amount of rain. You can see the weather in Salemi in detail at the link

Salemi municipality official website

Thanks to Giuseppe Garibaldi, Salemi became the first declared capital of modern Italy

Salemi Italian audio guide

Top 10 places to See in Salemi

Salemi Freedom Square

Сhurch of Sant Antonino da Padua (Salemi)

Salemi – Via Amendola

Panoramic terrace

Simone Corleo Square

Chiesa di S. Annedda

Chiesa e Convento di S. Agostino

Piazza Dittatura

La Matrice Salemi

Palazzo Torralta

Biblioteca Salemi

Chiesa di S. Bartolomeo

Castle Normanno-Svebo

Piazza Alicia Salemi

Welcome to Piazza Alicia Salemi, a square steeped in historical resonance, commemorating the ancient name of the city, “Galicia.” This vibrant square is adorned with two significant buildings that embody the forces governing the lives of Salemi’s citizens: the iconic Norman-Swabian castle and the evocative ruins of the former Mother Church.

After your uphill journey, Piazza Alicia offers a serene atmosphere to unwind. Take a leisurely stroll, immersing yourself in the surroundings, or find a cozy spot to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink. Let the rich history and ambiance of the square envelop you as you savor the unique character of Salemi.

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  1. It’s a nice article to read about Salemi but is there any info about restaurants or any bars in the city? It’s good to know about places with a good food.

  2. Paola.Salemi says:

    Thank you for your comment) There are good places to stay in Salemi and we are just preparing this information for display on the map.