Among all the stories about buying a house for 1 euro, you can find really impressive ones. A house that needed minimal repairs and was located near the sea and had a beautiful view from the balcony of the Sicilian valley. What’s this? The result of luck?
No, it’s more about preparing for a purchase and the ability to take advantage of your lucky chance.

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  • “1 Euro House Italy” Practical E-Book


    This E-book is for those who want to be ready to buy a house for 1 euro. The E-book is written with legal practice in mind and its recommendations will help you not only successfully buy a 1 euro house but also save you money.

    If you ever decide to start this journey, you will need good tips. By buying e-book, you will receive this documents for free as a bonus:

    • The first file is more than helpful. Every Italian municipalities has its conditions for participating in the program – House for 1 euro. We have compiled a convenient table where you can compare the amount of the deposit, the timing of repairs and submission of documents, and the timing of the start of construction. This file will allow you to see all conditions and choose the best among all cities where the program for 1 euro operates in 2023. The list is also provided.
    • The real prices offered by buyers for 1 Euro House at auctions.
    • For you, we have translated applications into English. An example of several regions will be useful to you if you are going to participate in buying a house in Italy in the future.
    • Also, there will be a full regulation document for one of the regions in English. If you go to the official Italian websites, you will see that all the documents are in Italian, which is hard to understand. The English version will allow you to understand it better.
    • When choosing a house, it is really important to understand how much you may incur in repair costs (you will find it in our book). In the attachment, you will find a document that will help you to calculate the approximate budget for home restoration, pretty quickly.