Among all the stories about buying a house for 1 euro, you can find really impressive ones. A house that needed minimal repairs and was located near the sea and had a beautiful view from the balcony of the Sicilian valley. What’s this? The result of luck?
No, it’s more about preparing for a purchase and the ability to take advantage of your lucky chance.

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  • “1 Euro House Italy” Practical E-Book


    Introducing the “1 Euro House Book” – your ultimate guide to owning a home in Italy for just one euro! This book covers everything you need to know about the buying process, including insider tips on the best places to search for a home, legal requirements for purchasing property in Italy, and how to renovate your new home on a tight budget.

    But that’s not all! By purchasing this book, you’ll also receive a collection of exclusive files to enhance your experience:

    1. Calculator for quick calculation of renovation costs
    2. Results of several auctions with prices that were paid for 1 euro houses
    3. What to write in a purchase application for a house? An example in English will help you.
    4. Where to find an engineer in Sicily to create a project? Take this big list.
    5. If you are lost. List of conditions for all regions of 1 Euro House 2023.
    6. How much does other real estate cost in regions where 1 Euro House 2023 operates? Here is a great answer for you.       1 Book and 6 Documents = 7. Great number to win a nice house in Italy!

    7 documents for 7 euros. You won’t find anything cheaper or better. Get your copy of “1 Euro House Book” today and start your journey to owning a home in Italy! A home in Italy is worth the effort…