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Abandoned italian villas for sale

Let’s be honest, if someone has successfully bought an abandoned Italian villa for little money, they are more likely to keep it a secret. Good villas in Italy do not lie underfoot and to get such an expensive thing you need to have some luck and do a good job. But we know how to solve this problem. Sometimes you come across Italian villas like the ones in the video below and it’s truly a success!

Another thing is with real estate for 1 euro. We wrote an article about it and if you subscribe to our newsletter we will immediately send you a file containing detailed information about the conditions of purchase for Italian municipalities.

Abandoned italian villas for sale 2023

These are new conditions for those regions that joined the program in 2022 and 2023.

If you want to see the whole picture, then there is a great article that has collected links to all official sites for a 1 euro house in Italy 2023. You can study it later because below you will find rare examples of abandoned houses and suggestions from architects for their restoration. This is impressive!

Do not forget! To buy an abandoned Italian villa, like another real estate in Italy, you will need an Italian Codice Fiscale (this is a tax number) and knowledge of the purchase procedure. We wrote a book about it and you can buy it here. But now we will not talk about it, let’s try to understand the Italian villas.

What are Italian villas and how do they differ from ordinary houses in Italy?

If you carefully study the issue, you will notice that most Italian houses have one of the following layouts:

You can find such houses in almost every city in Sicily or Italy. Some of them can be not only abandoned but also destroyed. But it turned out that such a house can also have its advantages.

Just look at what solutions architects offer when working with houses for 1 euro. Building the new next to the old is an excellent and beautiful solution. Let’s look at it schematically:

As we can see, with the right architectural approach, such a whole district of the city takes on a completely different look.

Large house and villas in Italy.

Let’s move on to abandoned villas. If you want to see the abandoned villas and their photos you can find some videos below. This video was made by guys who love to visit abandoned places in Italy. There are a lot of amazing places on their YouTube channel and maybe some of them are for sale. In any case, after we would recommend subscribing to their channel, also do not forget to get our free guide to houses for 1 euro. In the selection there are houses for 1 euro by the sea.

La villa delle spade

Old Italian villas for sale

We assume that you’ve probably been to Italy, but if not, here they sell plane tickets. Please correct this quickly 😉 So, if you’ve been to Italian cities, you may have noticed that practically all their houses are old. A house that’s 100 years old? No way! That’s a very young house. The old houses are much older. Italians take pride in this! Just look at Sicily! They don’t paint the facades of their villas, mansions, and houses. Why? They’ll tell you. We’ll paint our facade, and Mount Etna will dirty it with its ash in six months. We love our villa; it’s a place with history. They love history very much and love to talk about it. So, how can you buy an affordable, cozy old house for yourself? What if you start looking not like everyone else? We know that many sellers in Italy write: “Selling a vineyard, selling an olive grove, selling a farm.” And believe me, with such a search, you’ll have much more chances to find a house in a beautiful and picturesque location.

Don’t thank us;) Just invite us over for a glass of good Italian wine when it all works out

Abandoned villages for sale in italy

I must admit, you have quite an appetite! Searching for information on how to buy an abandoned village in Italy is something only a person of significant ambition, unafraid of challenges, would undertake. Let’s delve into this matter and obtain a detailed instruction.

To understand how abandoned villages become available for sale, let’s start from the beginning.

Let’s assume that the local residents have left the village, leaving behind their homes, mansions, and old villas. The budget dries up, and services cease to operate. At this moment, the village becomes ‘lost.’

But despite the fact that people no longer live there, it still has an owner. After all, you can’t just roam through the olive groves, stumble upon an old abandoned village, and say, ‘Hmm… someone lost a village here. Let it be mine. What a great find!’

Its owner is the state of Italy, and from here arises a simple yet important conclusion: Abandoned villages are not sold by private individuals. If you want to buy a village, you need to inquire with official authorities. Whom to ask? – you might wonder, and we’ll answer:

There is a special agency for cultural heritage called Agenzia del Demanio. Official website: https://www.agenziademanio.it/it/

It is here that abandoned lighthouses, villages, chapels, warehouses, and other very interesting properties are sold. Keep in mind that this is not a simple sale; it’s a competition and an auction. Typically, each such place already has conditions for sale and investment decisions. But there’s no need to be afraid of that. Purchasing an entire Italian village is worthy of the front page of The New York Times, not to mention Airbnb potential. We are confident that you will succeed! And just in case, we remind you that we love dry red wine. After all, this information is worth it.

Buying a Villa in Italy

View your villa purchase in Italy as an investment. To do this, assess how property prices are trending in the region. If they are declining, you should consider that if you plan to invest significant funds in the villa’s renovation, the cost of repairs will also decrease along with the prices of other properties.

We want to emphasize that you should look at this purchase as an investment. After all, it’s incredibly satisfying to realize that if you renovate a home, its value appreciates year after year. If this aligns with your goals, we’ve written an informative article on how to buy affordable real estate for living.

List of Abandoned Italian villas for Sale

To see the entire list of real estate that you can buy, we suggest using the largest real estate website. Many are used to looking for apartments there, but if you set the right filter, you will see what is hidden from the eyes.

You must select palaces and buildings. Then choose a price and most importantly indicate the condition of the property. If you indicate to be repaired and restored you will see many offers all over Italy. We are sure that the prices for large and abandoned villas will surprise you.

Leave your comments. We will try to answer your questions.

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  1. Hello my name is Richard Uribe and im very intereested in buying this abondant villas is their a program or something?

  2. Hello. I am Reinaldo Martínez from Venezuela. I am interested in locating a small property in Italy by the sea to restore and revitalise. I may also present a plan to refurbish these properties as a tourist attraction for anyone willing to become a partner, even the municipality. Please reply to [email protected] thanks.

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