Сheap houses for sale in Italy 2023. Complete guide

Let’s establish from the outset that this article is focused on inexpensive houses in Italy that can be bought on the mainland. In a separate article, we have prepared material on how to buy a cheap house in Sicily. We provide specific examples and sources here, so please consider this as practical material.

How to buy cheap houses in Italy? Let’s analyze the ways

You will find:

In what regions is real estate cheaper? Map.

Сheap Property for sale in Italy with Sea Views

Cheap Italian houses in the countryside

Buying a cheap house at judicial auctions

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Cheap property in Italy. Map

We have decided to implement the “Maximum” program. This means that we will describe the approaches that will allow not only to buy affordable property in Italy but also to choose a region in which this real estate should increase in value.

To provide you with this useful information for buying a home, we suggest looking at it as an investor. We do not have an investment project to offer you, but we know how investors think.

The first thing to do is to think about the future. You can buy a cheap house, invest money in its renovation, but its price will not increase due to the low attractiveness of the region. This is what bad investors do. Good investors look at factors that can change the value of real estate. And that factor is the construction of new infrastructure facilities that will improve the attractiveness and accessibility of the city for business, tourism, and the convenience of residents. Have you noticed that property prices rise when a new metro line is laid in an urban area? We are talking about the same thing, only on a countrywide scale. Let’s look at the major infrastructure projects planned in the cities of Italy.

  1. The construction of a high-speed railway line between Naples and Bari. This project, called the “Line of Life,” is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Italy and involves the construction of a 270 km new railway line. Advice: Find out where this road will pass and take a closer look at the towns near Naples and Bari. Property prices are expected to rise there. By the way, a subway is being built in Bari and Taranto, and both cities are located on the seaside.
  1. The construction of a new road between Salerno and Reggio Calabria in the Calabria region. This road is being built as part of the project to build a bridge between Italy and Sicily. The new road will run along the coast. Explore these places.

Also, as part of the “Grands Travaux” (Grandi Lavori) project, new railway stations will be created, and road infrastructure will be improved in various regions of Italy. Some of the cities that will receive new railway stations include:

  • Rimini, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Bari, Palermo;

At the same time, it is possible to identify traditional regions with low property prices:

Puglia – a region in the south of Italy known for its white sandy beaches and traditional culture. Here, apartments and houses can be found at more affordable prices than in other regions of Italy.

Calabria – another region in southern Italy located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Property prices here can also be lower than in more popular tourist destinations.

Abruzzo – a region in central Italy located between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines. Here, real estate can be found at more affordable prices, especially in small towns and villages.

Umbria – a region located northeast of Rome. It is a quiet and beautiful region known for its culture and history. Real estate prices here can be lower than in other parts of Italy, especially in small towns and villages.

Сheap Property for sale in Italy with Sea Views

Cheap houses for sale in Italy by the sea. Possible? Definitely!

Cheap property for sale in Italy with sea views is a dream of any homeowner in Italy. And we must say that it is possible with the right approach!

Many people know about the 1 euro houses in Italy. But do you think there is other cheap real estate there besides those houses? Of course, there is! In this article, for example, we wrote about 1 euro houses by the sea. In these regions, there will also be other affordable properties.

Let’s continue. Have you heard that Italy and Sicily are planning to build a bridge between them? The Italian government announced it in 2023 and allocated billions of euros. What do you think will happen to the real estate in these regions? It will increase in value because it will attract new business and tourists. Currently, in Calabria, real estate is cheaper than in many other regions of Italy. With the construction of the bridge, real estate prices will rise, and this trend should be used for investments.

Cheap coastal homes in Italy can also be found in other regions of Italy. Here is the map data provided by the idealista portal. You can see areas of Italy off the coast that are tinted in light green. This means that these regions have the lowest average price per square meter and if you are looking for a quiet life by the sea you should pay attention to these regions.

As we can see on the Map, cheap coastal homes in Italy can be found in the following regions: Viterbo, Chieti, Foggia, Caserta, Lecce, Taranto, Cosenza, Crotone, Catanzaro, Reggio Calabria.

Cheap houses to buy in Italian villages

We have already written about the 1 euro houses program, and if you are interested in this initiative, you can read a large article about free houses for 1 euro in 2023. However, before you do, we want to warn you that it’s not necessary to participate in this program. Instead, think of these cities and villages as areas where cheap houses are available. Many of these municipalities want to improve their demographic situation and may offer incentives and benefits for relocation and home purchases. If you are a business owner and want to start your own small business (such as growing olives, grapes, or creating a farm), we suggest you familiarize yourself with the concept of Special Economic Zones in Italy (“Zona Economica Speciale” (ZES)) and (Zona Economica Speciale della Sicilia Occidentale) for Sicily. It includes the following cities and regions:

Taranto in the region of Apulia (Puglia)The region of Calabria
Salerno in the region of CampaniaThe region of Sardinia (Sardegna)
Porto Empedocle in the region of SicilyTaranto and Bari in the region of Apulia
Naples and Pompeii in the region of CampaniaRimini in the region of Emilia-Romagna.

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