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1 Euro Houses in Italy before and after

If you have come for inspiration to find out how houses change during renovations in Italy, then you are in the right place. We will not only take a look at the design changes but also try to comment on these changes so that it is easier for you to navigate them. But first, let’s find out what problems the buyer of a house for 1 euro will most often face.

By the way, the whole scale of work that new property owners do can be appreciated in the new British series, which was released in early 2023 on the BBC.

The series ItalianJob and its main characters Amanda Holden and Alan Carr arrived in the city of Salemi (Sicily) to take on a new business. This case is an abandoned house for 1 euro.

But since I don’t know what country you are from (perhaps you are not from Britain) this series may not be available to you online. Someone in the comments wrote that it is available with the help of a Vpn service configured for Britain, but I don’t know, I didn’t check it.

I’m generally trying not to piss off the Brits 😉 these guys have enough problems with their Meghan Markle already… if it turns out that someone is watching their BBC.. it’s just a horror and a test for English endurance.

1 Euro House Before

  1. Pay attention to this house for 1 euro. You may have seen this reconstruction before in the American press. Not only did the facade of this house completely change, but the roof was also replaced. Also, an extension to the house was demolished nearby, new windows were inserted, and there were also costs for repairs inside. Perhaps due to the fact that the house is located on a slope, it was necessary to strengthen the walls. Never buy this option because you are waiting for high costs.

2. Here is another good example of a risky purchase. This building is also destroyed and has a curved wall on the left. How do you repair or demolish when you could damage your neighbour’s house and end up in court? Our advice: try to buy detached houses. Forget about neighbours and unnecessary risks.

3. Here, please look at this detached house that is being destroyed.

But the owners have no problems with the performance of the work with the walls. They also bought a dilapidated house that is not protected as a historic building and is not part of it. Getting a building permit will be much easier for you.

1 Euro House After

You must have seen this project on HGTV.

Here you can watch live what the house looks like before and after.

We will leave a couple of photos and recommend that you look at this project.

2. Perhaps you would like to get inspired to look at the photo gallery and start planning and designing your home.

We have prepared something for you, I hope these photos will inspire you. Please pay attention to the elements of how the new and the old fit together. How rough things harmonize with fragile, refined elements and colours.

If you want to support the project – buy our book about houses for 1 euro. money from its sale goes to Ukraine.

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