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Ex Chiesa Madre di Salemi – Sicily

Ex Chiesa Madre di Salemi

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Ex Chiesa Madre di Salemi:

Location of the church: Via Porta Gibli, 20, 91018 Salemi TP

Historical period of the church:

Old time: 1615 – 1968 – as Chiesa Madre di Salemi

New time: 1968 – present, as a cultural, historical monument and a meeting place for citizens for important city events.

Built in honor of: Santa Maria degli Angeli and San Nicola di Bari, patrons and protectors of the city.

Church architect: Mariano Smiriglio is an architect from Palermo. In 1615 he began the first work on the construction of the church.

Historical facts:
Before the earthquake in 1968, the church had an organ built in 1711 by Antonio Violante. The organ is considered one of the most beautiful in southern Italy and is unique for its double choir. Now the organ has been restored and is located in the Main Church of Salemi.

Church after the 1968 earthquake

Church as a public space

Since the church is located in the central, historical part of the city of Salemi and is located on Alicia Square, it becomes the center of communication for the citizens of the city. Preserving and improving the historical heritage of the city is the main task of the mayor of the city of Salemi – Domenico Venuti.

Renovation projects

The Portuguese master of architecture Alvaro Siza Vieira and the Sicilian architect Alberto Collova were the authors of the project for the reconstruction of Alicia Square and Ex Chiesa Madre. The main objective of this project was the preservation of public space, combined with the sacrament that the church carries. This concept has become the basis for all works and restorations carried out by the municipality of Salemi.


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