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    Skala dei Turchi – the most beautiful beach of Sicily

    Skala dei Turchi - the most beautiful beach of Sicily

    An incredibly spectacular wild beach in the province of Agrigento! Tourists are mesmerized by the picturesque coastline, surrounded by sheer snow-white limestone cliffs, dazzling in the sun. For their unusual stepped relief, the Italians nicknamed them the Turkish Staircase. The boiling white color of the cliffs favorably sets off the azure of the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the water seem even more blue. On a sunny day, gorgeous photos are obtained here. author’s YouTube channel

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  • 1 Euro house Italy
    1 Euro House

    1 Euro house Italy

    More and more cities in Italy are creating opportunities for the integration of new residents into Italian society. you do not need to have Italian or EU citizenship to buy and restore the property for your life or vacation. Each…

  • Salemi gourmet cheeses

    Salemi gourmet cheeses

    Natural Cheese Boutique in Salemi. Salemi cheeses have been produced for more than one hundred years. For generations, the production technology has been improved so that now these cheeses are considered one of the best in Sicily. And this is…

  • Bruschetta in Sicilian style

    Bruschetta in Sicilian style

    Serving for 4 person 8 slices of bread4 tomatoes1 pepper1 red onionPecorino cheeseOlive oilChop onions, tomatoes and peppers, fry them a little in oil.Sprinkle the bread with fried vegetables, add a little cheese and the prepared bruschetta, fry the bottom…

  • Sicilian Orange Salad

    Sicilian Orange Salad

    I suggest all my tourists try this salad during lunch or dinner. It is very simple, easy to execute, useful and beautiful! Especially good in winter, during the citrus season. So, we take the number of oranges in proportion to…

  • Arancino


    This is wonderful Sicilian street food. Sold anywhere and everywhere.If you don’t want to go to a restaurant for lunch, buy an arancino and forget about hunger. And now what we need if we want to cook them ourselves:300g rice…

  • 1 Euro House


    I want to participate in the auction. Do I need to have Italian citizenship for this? Not. A citizen of any country can buy houses and apartments in Italy   Can I use the property for commercial purposes? Yes   Is it…

  • The best Sicilian wines

    The best Sicilian wines

    The main varieties of Sicily, of course, are local – red Nero d’Avola, Nerello, Frappato, whites – Grillo, Cataratto, Inzolia, Dzibibbo (nothing else but Muscat of Alexandria). Of course, international ones are also grown (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc),…

  • 1 euro house Salemi
    1 Euro House

    1 euro house Salemi

    Houses for 1 euro is a global initiative of the Italian municipalities, which operate in about 20 settlements and small towns in Italy and Sicily. The essence of this initiative is that you can buy real estate on auctions at…