Salemi – is the Mountain Heart of Sicily

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What to see in Salemi?

Culture, architecture, history, festivals and wineries of Salemi are the center of attraction for many visitors. Join us!

Around Salemi

In our beautiful city, it’s effortless to reach the sea, a landscape park, or a winery, making it an ideal hub for planning quick excursions.

Horse Salemi

Horse riding in Valle del Belice

Salemi is located in Valle del Belice. This is a valley of vineyards and olive groves. Arrange a horseback ride and see the surroundings is a real pleasure! Lets See


Gibellina nuova 

Gibellina nuova is a small village that belongs to the municipality of Salemi. This is a place where famous painters and architects worked and created very unusual places. Lets See

1 Euro House in Salemi and Sicily | Frequently Asked Questions :

All real estate programs for 1 euro are carried out by the official authorities of the city. You can find announcements of such objects on the official websites of the municipalities. Sometimes you can find additional information sites, but you need to download data about the program only from official sources.

All houses are sold at public auctions. The final cost is determined as a result of the rates made by the buyers. On the site, we publish information about such auctions. For example, in Salemi, such a cost ranged from 258 to 3000 euros. The house for the BBC series was also sold in this auction. 

Our answer: Yes! The fact is that the real estate program for houses for 1 euro is aimed mainly at foreigners and you can find buyers from all over the world.

Sicily is a tourist region and English is spoken in many popular places to visit. Here you can often meet tourists from the UK and the USA.