Salemi is a famous commune in Italy, located in the Sicily region, subordinate to the administrative center of Trapani. The city is famous for its historical events - it is the first capital of Italy and is included in the list of the most beautiful settlements in Italy. In 2020, the municipality of Salemi announced the sale of houses for 1 euro and became known all over the world thanks to the publication in CNN. The history of the city is more than 2000 years old and is a symbol of the freedom and independence of Italy. Agriculture is very developed in Salemi and we can say that the city is buried in plantations of vineyards, olives, and spices.

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You shouldn't look for great luxury in Salemi hotels. Here you will find yourself. A combination of taste for detail, interaction with nature. Unusually fresh mountain air and incomparable cuisine. In Salemi, you can choose a hotel for every taste. It can be a hotel with city, garden, or vineyard views. Some villas can offer you rooms with stunning swimming pools, or you can rent your accommodation in the historical center of the city and immerse yourself in an unusual medieval tale. The city looks with hope at the measures taken by the Italian authorities to end the pandemic as soon as possible and hopes that the time when guests of the city could feel comfortable and relaxed will be returned soon. We advise you to follow the opening hours of all hotels on Consider the official quarantine zones when planning your route.

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Salemi has a rich history. She passed like a red thread through the fate of all of Italy and preserved the memory of this in the streets of the city. Admiring the beautiful countryside of their land, the Sicilians have created a real oasis filled with the beauty of history and the colors of modern life.

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We have created a special list of things to do in Salemi for any tourist. You can choose your own destination, but if you miss something on this list (especially the great Sicilian food) the Sicilian mafia will never let you go home. Gourmet Italian cuisine, known far beyond the Trapani region, will be waiting in the restaurants of our city.

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Beautiful Sicily. Unforgettable Salemi

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