1094px Castello di Salemi

Norman-Swabian Salemi Castle

The castle built in 1077 is today the central architectural monument in Salemi. Many tourists come to this place to see the national treasure of Sicily, which is already about 1000 years old.

During this long time, the castle was fortified several times. For example, in the 13th century, the King of Sicily Federico Ruggiero di Hohenstaufen (King Frederick), who later became the King of the Romans and the Emperor of the entire Roman Empire, carried out its thorough reconstruction.

It is worth noting that Frederick was a very famous person, as well as a prominent writer, and a staunch defender of artists and scientists: his court was a meeting place for Greek, Latin, Germanic, Arab and Jewish cultures. In the Swabian castle, you can see bold decisions at that time which were implemented under the direction of Friedrich.

For the remaining 700 years, this castle has seen a lot. He managed to visit a prison or even a city library.

In 1968, after the earthquake, the castle also required a little reconstruction.

Castle opening hours:

Times are subject to change due to the coronavirus pandemic

Hours: Tue – Sun | 10:30 – 13:30 \ 15:30 – 18:30

Phone number: +39 0924 982 376

Castle address:

Piazza Alicia, 13, 91018 Salemi TP

How to get to the castle? Map.

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