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We try to make our content useful to you. That is why our website contains a lot of useful information and files for free access.

Who are we and what Do?

As a couple, we spent several years in Salemi and established this website and a small organization that dedicated time to studying the 1 Euro Houses in Sicily.

Andrew, by profession, combines the fields of sociology, management, and construction (as he grew up in an architect’s family) and devoted this small resource to the knowledge he gained during the development of the project in Italy.

For him, this project also became the basis for a doctoral PHD thesis.

Let’s be honest, we’re not very good at entertaining, but we are good at alarming and informing. Therefore, our content, like the book about 1 Euro houses, is not always cheerful but more often cautionary.

Our book for 1 Euro:

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About me: Paola Salemi

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About Andrew Kushnir

I think many people like the way Paola writes and her reviews of the Italian countryside, but often information about Houses for 1 Euro contains technical and mathematical information with elements of construction. I monitor and correct these materials to ensure they are accurate. You will find more information on my page.

In addition to this, we love to travel and cook. Honestly, we even had the idea of starting a culinary blog, but it’s difficult for two Americans to talk about Italian cuisine like a native Italian. Our recipes turned out to lack the charm of the deep Italian culture, so we left a small section here to attract more guests to these beautiful but support-needing towns in Italy.

So, here will be posted recipes without which you can imagine the website, but you can’t imagine Italy. In this culinary section, not only ancient Italian recipes but also information about spices and herbs used in cooking will be featured.

Nothing surprising, you might say, everyone adds spices! Perhaps, but not everyone mentions that most spices are medicinal herbs and can additionally affect the body. We will add this information so that you better understand the plants.

By the way, we are preparing a second book called “Make your home like a flower.” Several reasons prompted us to write this book:

We noticed that we are often asked about 1 Euro Houses in Italy with land. This means that people want to buy and restore a house with a garden, greenhouse, or pool. Many want to have their beautiful place and enjoy nature. The second reason is the BBC show with Amanda and Alan. They bought a 1 Euro house in Tuscany, and the nature there is so extraordinary that we couldn’t remain silent about it. In this book, we included plants, trees, and shrubs specifically recommended for Tuscany.

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