1 Euro House Tuscany 2023

Speaking about Tuscany without the heart skipping a beat is impossible! It doesn’t matter if you’re French or Italian, a house in Tuscany will definitely lift your spirits. The only problem on the path to this dream has always been the high property prices.

That’s why the Case a 1 Euro In Toscana project has attracted so much attention from residents of the United States and Europe. People wanted to get their own piece of Italy, and for many, it wasn’t necessary to participate in the race for a house priced at the cost of a coffee; they simply wanted an affordable home with a good view of nature.

Case 1 Euro project Tuscany and other Сheap Real Estate

In this article, we will talk about both options. We will explore the regions that offered houses for 1 euro and look at the availability of other affordable options. I must warn you right away – it won’t be easy! But I have to say that it will be worth it.

As proof, just watch this video:

By the way, the nature of Tuscany has inspired the creation of a special interior style. Below you will find a color palette used in Tuscan interiors and links to a couple of interesting solutions available on Amazon.

Cheap Property in Tuscany 2023

It should be noted that those who want to obtain such an option for themselves have to spend hours researching the internet. Even in regions where auctions for 1 euro houses in Tuscany were held (which you can see on the map):

As we can see, Comune di Montieri and Fabbriche di Vergemoli are located far from the coast. Accordingly, following this logic, you can find an affordable home further away from the coastline, perhaps in the mountains.

Let’s consider such villages but set a condition that there should be good roads so that you can easily go to the seaside on weekends.

Here is an example of such a search on the largest Italian real estate portal, with a price of 20,000 euros for a house or apartment. Use the filters to search by location or interactive map. It’s easy to travel through affordable real estate properties and explore them.

Houses for 1 Euro in Tuscany 2023

Let’s talk about houses for 1 euro in Tuscany and whether they are available in 2023.

I can confidently say that as of the end of July 2023, there are no active programs in Tuscany. Previously, in 2018 and 2020, such auctions did take place. However, due to the excitement and tens of thousands of participants, these houses quickly ran out.

You might think that’s bad. Allow me to disagree with you.

Imagine a situation where a major television channel in the United States now releases a show or news about 1 euro houses in Tuscany. Hundreds and thousands of people will immediately start calling and submitting applications. Only 15 or 20 of them will win the auction. The rest will search for cheap real estate, browse real estate portals, and contact property owners. Prices will immediately rise. The show will create additional hype, and buyers will simply pay more for the same property. The same thing will happen as with Bitcoin, when the price goes up and down, and people lose their money.

Don’t buy your property during the show. It’s better to quietly make your purchase now and show it off later.

By the way, if you were looking for the official websites of these regions in Tuscany that previously ran the program, here they are:



Don’t be surprised if one of them doesn’t open.

In the village, there are about 300 residents, and it feels like the website administrator got carried away with cheese production and forgot about their work or went off to the sea altogether.

At the same time, if you’re interested in a list of 1 euro houses that are available in 2023, Here’s a huge article.

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