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Speaking about Tuscany without the heart skipping a beat is impossible! It doesn’t matter if you’re Briton or Italian, a house in Tuscany will definitely lift your spirits. The only problem on the path to this dream has always been the high property prices. That’s why the 1 euro houses in Tuscany project has attracted…

Speaking about Tuscany without the heart skipping a beat is impossible! It doesn’t matter if you’re Briton or Italian, a house in Tuscany will definitely lift your spirits. The only problem on the path to this dream has always been the high property prices.

That’s why the 1 euro houses in Tuscany project has attracted so much attention from residents of the United States and Europe. People wanted to get their own piece of Italy, and for many, it wasn’t necessary to participate in the race for a house priced at the cost of a coffee; they simply wanted an affordable home with a good view of nature.

By the way, the unforgettable Amanda Holden and Alan Carr (British TV presenters) also couldn’t resist the charms of Tuscany and, in early 2024, launched the fantastic show Italian Job series 2, focusing on the restoration of a 1 euro house. We might be a bit envious of the Brits (not everyone has access to the BBC), but to keep the spirits up, we decided to lend a hand and delve into houses for sale in Tuscany for 1 euro down to the smallest details. We’ll explore the places where the show was filmed and uncover what remained hidden even from Amanda’s project on the BBC.

The first thing you need to understand about buying a 1 euro house in Tuscany is that you won’t just be able to purchase it online.

This is your dream place! It needs to be seen, felt; you need to know who your neighbors are, what the place is like, what the cuisine is… where you feel good and where you don’t… in the end!

The second important aspect is enjoyment. Enjoy it. Don’t rush. Tuscany is about that. Look at what Amanda and Alan are doing; they can do it because they have an entire team working for them.

Yes, they can have fun because everything is well thought out – they are very clever jesters.

We are heading to the places and villages that offered Tuscan houses for 1 euro to better understand this place, to discover the options, to become clever jesters.

Important! This material is not only about Fornovolasco. Get ready.

There will be links, rare free files, useful tips, but first we’ll have a little fun and…

Useful information about Tuscany

Fornovolasco (Lucca) – Italy. £1 House in Tuscany on BBC TV Show 2024.

I reckon this video must have impressed you as much as it did me the first time, but let’s get back to our cheerful duo, Amanda and Alan.

You probably want to know where they filmed in Tuscany and might ask, “Where is Alan and Amanda Italian Job?”

Well, this beautiful village of Fornovolasco in the province of Lucca is indeed becoming one of the magnets of the Tuscany region, especially since the show didn’t manage to showcase all of its beauty.

We watched Alan’s interview, which didn’t have as many viewers, where he explicitly stated that there are numerous amazing places here that just couldn’t fit into the show.

We’ve explored the area, homes, and £1 houses in the region to provide you with more information about £1 Houses in Tuscany in 2024. Let’s start with a description of the region.

Places around Amanda Holden and Alan Carr’s house in Fornovolasco. If you ever feel like visiting there..

You’ve probably already seen the mountains and waterfall near Fornovolasco. The waterfall, Cascata dell’Acquapendente, is on the way to the sea, and we highly recommend stopping by if you find yourself in these parts. The best time to visit this waterfall is after rain – that’s when its power is most evident.

As for the mystical caves near Fornovolasco, the famous Grotta del Vento and Tana che Urla are not recommended for beginners! Take a look at what awaits you! Perhaps you don’t need to go underground and would rather stay under the warm Tuscan sun?

Barga, Italy – Back to the Sun

Of course, in this narrative, we cannot overlook Barga — the pearl of Tuscany: give thanks to Amanda for that – we saw that it was her idea.

This is a small town with around 10,000 residents and a true hub of art and aesthetics in the province of Lucca.

Just take a look at these neat, graceful streets!

They say it’s so good here because the Scots had a hand in creating this beauty (historically, about 40% of Barga’s inhabitants have relatives in Scotland). Perhaps! And although we didn’t see men in kilts and playing bagpipes, they do prepare an excellent Scottish pie here.

Someone even brought in a red telephone booth that has become a local landmark and a library.

They named it the “smallest library in Tuscany.” Sounds good, but someone is constantly kissing there. But what else to do in Tuscany? It’s a place of flowers, good wine, nature, and romance.

And that’s not all! Barga hosts unique musical events annually, including the international opera festival “Opera Barga Festival” and the vibrant jazz festival “Bargajazz.” These events attract not only musicians but also anyone ready to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of true Italian passion for art.

Recently, the town has become a true haven for artists, among whom John Bellany stands out. His works can be discovered in the cozy galleries of the castle, giving Barga a special charm and beauty.

This is where Italian culture meets Scottish history, creating a unique space for all those seeking something special in their travels. And if you don’t believe me, watch the video.

Riomaggiore – a fishing village, and the ancient town of Manarola

We can’t bring ourselves to just call this place a fishing village! Have you seen this beauty? And how they cook fish! Tomatoes and basil… Mmm… Delicious!

We’ll leave below a recipe and also a wine map. We recommend saving it so you’ll know all about the wine-producing regions in Italy.

In general, the entire Tuscan coastline and the quaint villages encountered here deserve special attention. The town of Manarola (La Spezia region) will also be a delightful addition to Riomaggiore and will adorn your Instagram. We’re confident that a trip along this coastline will become one of the most impressive events in your life.

It’s impossible to describe everything here in words or capture it in a video. Tickets need to be booked. For example, for the same..trip.com

And embark on a journey. Amanda and Alan did it. What are you waiting for?

Union Garfagnana, Apuan Alps, and Lake Vagli near Lucca, Tuscany

In the municipality of Vagli Sotto, in the heart of Garfagnana, the waters of the artificial Lake Vagli conceal a secret: the submerged village of Fabbriche di Careggine. Several stone houses, a church with a bell tower, a cemetery, and a three-arch bridge—Fabbriche di Careggine—is the Atlantis in the heart of the Apuan Alps, an entire submerged village preserving all the mysterious charm of this ancient region.

We won’t scare you anymore; just take a drone flight. You know, this article came out after the Christmas holidays, and our family is always watching Harry Potter around that time. Does this video remind you of anything? Share your thoughts in the comments.

And here is the submerged village at the bottom of Lake Vagli

Alan visits the ancient town of Impruneta

This clay is renowned worldwide, and the artisans of this region create true masterpieces. We’ll provide a few official websites for you to appreciate this beauty:

Places where you can buy ceramics:

Tuscany 1 euro house and other Сheap Real Estate

In this part, we will talk about both options. We will explore the regions that offered houses for 1 euro and look at the availability of other affordable options. I must warn you right away – it won’t be easy! But I have to say that it will be worth it

By the way, the nature of Tuscany has inspired the creation of a special interior style. Below you will find a color palette used in Tuscan interiors and links to a couple of interesting solutions available on Amazon.

Houses for 1 Euro in Tuscany 2023 – 2024

Let’s talk about houses for 1 euro in Tuscany and whether they are available in 2024.

I can confidently say that as of the beginning of 2024, there is only one active program known in Tuscany. It’s the one in Fabbriche di Vergemoli municipality where Amanda and Alan filmed their show. We are currently finding out which houses from the show are still available for sale and gathering information on 1 euro homes for sale listings in Tuscany for 2023-2024. The show created a lot of excitement, so we’re working to provide the latest updates.

If you want to be the first to receive information about our investigation, please leave a comment below with your email, and we’ll send out updates when everything is clarified or when new offers arise.

In any case, we are preparing an article about abandoned ghost villages in Tuscany. To do this, we have to study the documentation of municipalities and restoration funds, so leave your comments below and wait for the newsletter.

As for the second region that conducted the 1 euro project…

Due to the high demand and tens of thousands of participants, these homes quickly ran out in 2021. All hopes are now on our investigation 😉

By the way, the official websites of the Tuscany regions with 1 euro homes are listed below:

Case a 1€

The project is finished here, but we assume that thanks to The Amanda Show they will open it again in 2024


Cheap Property in Tuscany 2024

It should be noted that those who want to obtain such an option for themselves have to spend hours researching the internet. Even in regions where auctions for 1 euro houses in Tuscany were held (which you can see on the map):

As we can see, Comune di Montieri and Fabbriche di Vergemoli are located far from the coast. Accordingly, following this logic, you can find an affordable home further away from the coastline, perhaps in the mountains.

Let’s consider such villages but set a condition that there should be good roads so that you can easily go to the seaside on weekends.

Here is an example of such a search on the largest Italian real estate portal, with a price of 20,000 euros for a house or apartment. Use the filters to search by location or interactive map. It’s easy to travel through affordable real estate properties and explore them.

At the same time, if you’re interested 1 euro homes for sale listings 2024 , Here’s a huge article.

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