Discover Ripacandida: A Charming Italian Village with €1 Homes

Introduction: Imagine a picturesque Italian village called Ripacandida, nestled among the breathtaking mountains, where the sound of bells echoes through the narrow streets. Its medieval bell tower, adorned with sundials, has witnessed countless historic events and is now ready to tell a new story.

Ripacandida is offering a unique opportunity: the “€1 Home Program.”

Although there are only 8 properties available for sale and detailed photos may be scarce, this program is sure to attract new residents to the village. The quaint, tidy streets, the aroma of freshly baked bread, and the village’s architecture will quickly captivate anyone who appreciates the beauty of authentic Italy.

As you wander through the village, you’ll notice small islands and courtyards carefully tended by locals. These courtyards possess a unique charm and antique style. Colorful flowers and charming alleys create an atmosphere that could enchant even a Hollywood director.

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Let’s take a closer look at some of the properties on offer and try to find the most interesting ones:

  1. Via Genovesi: This street is quite challenging to find, even with Google Maps. It winds up a steep slope, and renovating these houses might require considerable effort and investment.
  2. Corso Umberto I: This property has an inner courtyard, but be prepared for potential difficulties with accessing it for construction materials. The street is very narrow, and if you’re not physically strong, you might need some assistance.
  3. Via Libero Serafini 37/39: Located in a more interesting area, but there is scarce information available about the property itself. We recommend requesting additional details from the municipality.
  4. Via Nobile Guglielmo, 14: Unfortunately, there are no photos of the house available, but you can see the street on Google Maps.
  5. Via Caracciolo, 40/46/36A: This is one of the smaller streets in the village center, also lacking complete documentation. However, compared to other houses, this property does have photos of the facade and steps. The owners have taken care to showcase this home.
  6. This unique house is located beneath a set of steps. Honestly, it’s a rarity to come across something like this, and if it’s structurally sound, it could be an interesting option.
  7. Via G.B. Rossi, 27: Another decent option since it’s one of the central streets, and there’s a shop and town hall nearby.

View of Ripacandida village

To participate in the €1 Home Program, you’ll need to provide a €3,000 deposit. It’s recommended to contact the municipality to inquire about available properties. If you’re not fortunate enough to secure a €1 home, remember that you can explore other affordable real estate options in the region on Italian property portals like

They have 4-room apartments of around 80 square meters starting from €25,000.

Contacts of the Municipality:

Contacts of the Municipality: Municipality of Ripacandida Address: Via G.B. Rossi 3, 85020 Ripacandida (PCS) Certified e-mail (PEC): [email protected] Website:

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