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If you don’t drink coffee in the morning and enjoy a good wine on a Saturday, then what’s the point of work, and why do you need Italy?

If you’ve come here to learn a bit about me, I appreciate it. Perhaps you enjoyed the piece about the Italian mayor running in a panic on the main square:

But if you want to know more, you won’t find my biography here. Remember, what matters isn’t what a person says about themselves, but what they say to you and for you. I say: “People, be smarter and kinder.”

This should become the new code of a new generation. It’s quite possible that without it, we won’t be able to tackle the new challenges.

Paola Salemi

Writer & Content Creator

 Ukraine, Israel, Italy.

Look at the sea – it’s beautiful

20 Books read this Year

Not subscribers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

I looked at the authors’ pages and I know that I need to write here about a large number of subscribers and likes on YouTube. But I don’t have it. Among two things – talking a lot and reading a lot, I choose books and information. I try to make sure that what I write is good and has a sense of humor. although I’m sure you come across a lot of errors in my English text. Sorry about that. English is not my native language and I know that native speakers would speak better and without errors. By the way, admitting your mistakes is important. I learned about this in one of the books. Now it works well.

Soon I will release a book about the Italian garden. This is a very small guide but very useful. It will cost only 1 Euro. it’s symbolic.

My Gallery

I love Italy from small villages to big noisy cities. On my blog you can read about small Italian villages and life in them. But when I get to a big city in the morning. All I see are thousands of people from the past who speak to us through Architecture.

Listen to my audio guide for Salemi in English:

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