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You’ve probably read many articles about 1 euro houses in Spain, but Google offers you a lot of informational articles without providing anything specific. You probably also can’t find official websites for this affordable real estate in Spain. Here are a few problems and reasons that hinder your search.

  • Firstly, this program is not as popular as 1 euro houses in Italy. No matter how many bright advertising headlines you see, you can’t find information about active 1 euro homes for sale listings in 2023 or 2024 in Spain.
  • Secondly, Spain has its own peculiarities in such initiatives to sell abandoned properties, and they have another nameSecondly, in Spain, there are its own programs for selling abandoned real estate, which have a different name. We want to say that many are searching for ‘1 euro houses in Spain’, but in reality, other options should be sought.
  • Thirdly, my esteemed readers, you are not crazy romantics with 50 euros in your pocket and a desire to buy a house.
  • I believe that this resource is visited by people who love to travel. Perhaps they want to change their way of life and are looking for a suitable city. Many of the readers are investors and are considering interesting projects.

Therefore, I suggest conducting an interesting survey:

How important is it for you that the small town where you want to buy a 1 euro house is distant from a major city? How important is it for you (at least within an hour’s drive) to have infrastructure?

For example, a hospital, a good supermarket, a couple of nice restaurants, and a large store with building materials (don’t forget – renovation awaits you). I think this is important, but I could be wrong, so I suggest you vote.

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By the way, thank you for your vote. If your option is not in the survey, write it in the comments, and we will continue.

Usually, cheap or abandoned real estate in Madrid, Barcelona, or Valencia is an exception. Of course, you may encounter it, but these will be very bad and criminal areas.

If you don’t want one of your neighbors to run away from the police, and another to try to steal the wheels from your car, it’s better to buy a house in a quiet town near the metropolis.

Ideally, this town should have a balance of young residents and those who have already retired. This gives energy to the city, and it will be easier for you to find the necessary services or interesting acquaintances.

At the same time, unlike big cities, which are overcrowded with tourists, it will be easier for you to book a table in a restaurant, there will be fewer queues, and prices for services and products will be lower. We will talk more about such opportunities later.

But it will not be easy. Why? Because, if to put it very briefly, our task sounds something like this:

“I want to be lucky and find good opportunities in a place where others couldn’t. They searched but didn’t find, and I have the knowledge, luck, and skills that will most likely help me find something interesting. If not now, then later. You just need to wait and look around.

If you share this point of view, subscribe. We will try to simplify this task for you:

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Let’s ask straight away: Are these difficulties disappointing? Of course! But is it worth giving up the search? Definitely not! If you are truly in love with this country and ready to undertake a small exploration of abandoned houses and villas at an affordable price with us, continue reading the material that we have gathered so long and diligently.

We will also strive to help you better understand Spain and know the regions and places that are worthy of attention. For this purpose, we have included some tourist videos in our material.

So, about 1 euro houses in the Spanish style…

It’s not exactly a 1 euro home as you’re used to understanding it, but perhaps it’s something even better!

Why do I think so? Because I’ve been following the 1 euro program for several years now.

I’ve seen how this 1 euro program has evolved in Salemi and how the British BBC filmed a show about it with Amanda Holden and Alan Carr. I’ve seen how much useful work officials and city authorities do for their residents.

I’ve seen and know what happens behind the camera when it’s turned off and you have to solve real, not television tasks. I want to say that there are significant drawbacks to 1 euro properties and homes, such as bureaucracy, the need to create reconstruction plans, hire workers and oversee them, transport construction materials in large quantities, deal with laws, and try to justify your new life.

You have three years for this (according to the terms of the agreement with the municipality). Or do you not have these 3 years?

Then find out:

What benefits and subsidies are available for purchasing abandoned properties in Spain? Which cities are ready to offer you free housing and employment, among many other things. Enjoy reading.

But before that… Top 10 places for your

I hope you gained some inspiration from this video, and now it’s time to get back to the essence of the matter. To explain how we will proceed further, it’s worth highlighting three main approaches to buying affordable houses and villas in Spain:

Video: Cheap real estate in Spain as an alternative to a home for 1 euro. It works!

Not a house for 1 euro in Spain 2024. Alternative ways to buy cheap real estate

Let’s figure out what expenses buyers of 1 euro houses incur. Even the average cost of buying a house at auction, its registration, and repairs rarely amounts to less than 35-40,000 euros. But it is also important to remember that in addition to these expenses, you have a frozen deposit amount that you paid to the municipality as a guarantee. As of 2023, this amount rarely amounts to less than 4000 euros. And if you want to live in a small peaceful town somewhere in the depths of Spain, you can simply look for cheap small towns with good nature and a small population.

For example: Alcaudete de la Jara – property prices from 340 euros per square meter. You can find such options on Idealista yourself.

The next cities on the list are: Lucillos, Pulgar, Campo de Criptana with beautiful windmills, or Bullas with wineries.

The price per square meter here is slightly more expensive but there is something to see in them. If you don’t need a large metropolis and are tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities, you should note that you have many interesting options.

You can also learn about one of the great projects whose goal is to bring people together to live in rural areas and help them develop entrepreneurship. Holapueblo

Seventy municipalities facing depopulation issues have joined the Holapueblo initiative, supported by Grupo Red Eléctrica, Correos, and AlmaNatura. The aim of this initiative is to attract entrepreneurs interested in starting their businesses in a cozy and tranquil environment. Those interested can purchase property for 15,000 euros or rent it for 200 euros per month.

A similar project: These portals are working on initiatives for rural areas: Proyecto Arraigo and Volver al Pueblo

Here, you can learn about cities that need workers and provide housing and accommodation for them:

Cities in Need of People to Live and Work – The program includes cities and regions in Spain that offer employment and various bonuses if you move to them. Please note that there are many diverse offers, so plan to spend some time finding the right one.

Empty Italy – – This portal is dedicated to opportunities and culture in cities suffering from depopulation. Are you looking for a map of affordable regions and settlements in Spain? Well, here it is! Map of Cheap Regions and Settlements in Spain. A wonderful state initiative funded by the EU to combat village depopulation through the support of cultural projects and tourism development. Those who understand the true reason behind the emergence of 1 Euro houses appreciate how beneficial this initiative is.

And here is a map of affordable rentals in Spanish cities under a special program:

State programs for buying real estate in Spain

As an alternative way to find inexpensive real estate in Spain, you can look for regions where property prices are low but business activity remains. You can also apply for subsidies and benefits from local municipalities and the state to further reduce your expenses.

It is worth noting that this real estate does not need to be renovated like a 1 Euro house, but the result can be achieved faster and cheaper. Here’s what we get if we combine this data. Consider affordable housing options in various regions and take advantage of Spanish government support programs:

In the region of Castilla-La Mancha, the most affordable housing prices can be found in the following municipalities:

  1. Alcázar de San Juan with an average price of 749 euros per square meter.
  2. Cuenca with an average price of 782 euros per square meter.
  3. Toledo with an average price of 834 euros per square meter.
  4. La Roda (Albacete) with an average price of 616 euros/sq.m.
  5. Villarrobledo (Albacete) with an average price of 627 euros/sq.m.
  6. Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) with an average price of 657 euros/sq.m.

In the region of Extremadura, the most affordable housing prices can be found in the municipalities of:

  1. Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz) with an average price of 598 euros per square meter.
  2. Don Benito (Badajoz) with an average price of 625 euros per square meter.

In the region of Murcia, the most affordable housing prices can be found in the following municipalities:

  1. Humilladero de Segura with an average price of 747 euros per square meter.
  2. Abarán with an average price of 756 euros per square meter.
  3. Humilladero with an average price of 788 euros per square meter.

State programs for buying real estate in Spain (support programs for youth):

Castilla-La Mancha

In this region, there is a program called “Vivienda Joven” (Youth Housing), which provides benefits for young people aged 18 to 35 to purchase or rent housing. Benefits can be provided in the form of subsidies for the initial payment, a reduction in the mortgage interest rate, or tax benefits. The program also provides benefits for repairing and upgrading housing. According to this subsidy, the cost of the house should not exceed 100,000 euros and the amount of assistance can be no more than 20% of the cost or 10,000 euros for a self-built house. More information is available on the website:

In Extremadura, there is a program called “Plan de Vivienda” which includes various benefits and subsidies for the purchase, rental, and renovation of housing. Depending on the specific situation, subsidies can be provided for the initial deposit, tax benefits, or subsidies for home renovation. This program is not suitable for everyone, but more information about subsidies can be found on their portal:

In Murcia, there is a program called “Plan de Vivienda de la Región de Murcia” which includes benefits and subsidies for the purchase, rental, and renovation of housing. Among the benefits provided under the program are subsidies for the initial deposit, tax benefits, subsidies for home renovation and modernization, as well as subsidies for rent for people with low income.

There are also other programs available in these regions, such as for youth.

If you are not eligible for these programs due to age and are over 35 years old, we recommend that you explore the national portal for subsidies and grants. Everything is in one place and you need to select the appropriate region and program:

In addition, the unexpected example is the story of a young family from Spain who bought a house on wheels and received a subsidy for it in one of the regions. After meeting all the requirements and deadlines, they simply moved their home to another region closer to their parents. And this saved them a significant amount. In any case, we wish you the right decisions. Write your comments.

We hope you found this information useful. We would also like to remind you that you can read more about the following topics:

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