1 euro hose salemi

1 Euro house Salemi

Buying Houses for 1 euro is a global initiative of the Italian municipalities, which operates in about 40 settlements and small towns in Italy and Sicily. As for Salemi, it is not surprising that the BBC created its own program about the renovation of the House for 1 euro. The region grows excellent wines and…

Buying Houses for 1 euro is a global initiative of the Italian municipalities, which operates in about 40 settlements and small towns in Italy and Sicily.

As for Salemi, it is not surprising that the BBC created its own program about the renovation of the House for 1 euro. The region grows excellent wines and olives, produces delicious cheese and has many historical places. Do not forget that Salemi was the first capital of Italy!

Amanda Holden and Alan Carr buy several apartment houses to have a fun, joke and renovate the house for 1 euro in the TV project #ItalianJob. The series will be released on January 6, 2023 and it will surely make a lot of noise.

What is known about the program Home for 1 Euro in Salemi?

The good news is that the auction project passed very recently at the end of 2021. In 2022, many people took up repairs and we are sure that this story will continue in the new year 2023!

If you want to be ready for this, you can watch our book about houses for 1 euro, which reveals many secrets that were left behind the scenes. Important! All the money from its sale goes to Ukrainian families, so you not only get useful information, but also do the right thing!

Analytics for Houses for 1 EURO 2023

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So make a purchase and come back. We will tell and show you which lots were put up for sale. Which lots were bought and for what price. I will say right away that the houses in the center of Salemi cost more than One Euro;) And most importantly, we have prepared a free file for you in case you go to buy houses for 1 euro and you need to quickly calculate the approximate cost of repairing it using calculators. The file is here.

Where did the BBC buy the “1 Euro House Italy” for tv show? Why do you need to buy a house for 1 euro in Salemi?

Let’s talk about Salemi. But if you are interested in what houses were bought by the BBC and Amanda Holden, then you are in the right place. The first part of the auction in Salemi ended in 2021-2022, and here we analyzed the results and prices at which houses were sold. Among the many cities that participate in the 1 Euro House program, Salemi has many advantages. Firstly, it is not a small village with up to 500 inhabitants. City has a population of about 10,000 inhabitants and the city has a developed infrastructure: Post Office, Shops, Restaurants, Auto Repair Shops, Hardware Stores, Hotels, Hospital and Schools, as well as several good museums and churches. The city municipality and city measures are making every effort to develop the region.

Links to the official website   will help you learn more about Case 1 Euro program. Don’t forget to buy our e-book – it will help.

At the same time, city is located in the heart of other attractions. Not far from city is Sagesta, also a tourist adventure park – Parconaturavventura, an art museum and an open-air village Gabelina Nuvo, an almost direct road to Marsala will lead you to the sea.

Alamanda – Amanda Holden and Alan Carr’s Casa

Many people ask: What happened to the Alamand house (Amanda Holden and Alan Carr’s house)? How much did this beautiful home renovation cost? We answer your questions: The house was built to be sold for charity purposes. A well-known agency with a good reputation is engaged in its sale: Sotheby’s pf 154,000 euros (the cost of renovating a house) You yourself can see and ask the price for a purchase on their website.


We indicated the lots that were purchased at a price of 258 to 3000 euros. Here you can see examples of houses that were sold in Salemi at the action of houses for 1 euro. Just click “Show more” below.

Is it worth investing in Case 1 Euro real estate?

Despite the fact that Salemi was badly damaged by the 1969 earthquake, the city has great tourism potential. In May 2022, it became known that BBC One had begun producing a documentary entertainment series for the renovation of Salemi’s 1 Euro House. Popular TV presenters Amanda Holden and Alan Carr will renovate the House for 1 euro and show their every move live.

This event will further fuel interest in town and real estate will begin to rise in price.

Also, the government support Ecobonus and Sismabonus covering a number of costs for such construction.

It is very important to note that Salemi is a developed agricultural region. Around are a number of wineries and vineyards, several cheese factories make delicious cheese, sheep are bred here, and the city is surrounded by olive groves.

In addition to everything, if you have watched video reviews about Sicily, you probably know that delicious, inexpensive and natural products are here.

What expenses should I plan to participate in the auction?

In addition to the value of the property, you receive the following costs:

• notary fees;

• secretarial expenses;

• expenses for the guarantee policy;

• Fees for the issuance of cadastral plans and DOPs;

• Annual local taxes (TARI, IMU)

• restructuring costs; More detailed information in our Book.

What are the Salemi city authorities doing about improving the city?

Since the region receives taxes from the operating business, the city authorities annually improve the tourist attractiveness. They are renovating alleys and viewpoints, maintaining historic landmarks, trying to improve the quality of city services for citizens, and developing Salemi’s popularity and potential.

Safety in Salemi

The city is quite safe and there are often tourist excursions in Salemi. All this requires careful order and security. When visiting the city, we encourage you to keep this beautiful old city clean.

Do you need to have Italian citizenship to participate in the auction?

No, citizens of the European Union and other countries can participate in the auction.

Is it possible to buy a house for 1 euro for a business or hotel activity?

Yes, you can. Please indicate this in your application.

Is it possible to buy more real estate?

There are no restrictions on the purchase of the real estate. It is important to fulfill the conditions for its renovation, which are indicated in the program.

Casa 2 Euro?

The Casa 2 Euro project is not going through in Salemi. But it is in another part of Sicily. You can learn about it from our article.

When does a person actually become the owner of the property?

When signing a notarial deed.

How time do I have to complete the renovation?

After signing the notarial deed, you have 3 years to carry out renovation work. Also read more about renovation

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