Gibellina nuova

Province: Trapani

Municipality: Salemi

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The history of Gibellina nuova:

We can say that all 4,028 who officially live in Gibellina nuova live in an open-air art museum. Why are we making such a bold statement? Because for old Sicily it is a new city built in honor of the old city of Gibellina, which was destroyed by an earthquake. And although all the small towns of Sicily are going through difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic, driving here by car can be a good idea. But do not rush to get excited. Gibellina nuova is something special. This trip will not give you noisy fun and bright colours, on the contrary, you will see the struggle of modern art with time. You will see chaos and post-apocalyptic notes. You will see deserted streets that say that the most valuable thing is love and people. Without it, everything loses its meaning. You will see how beauty can die if we close our eyes to things that are important to us. We can say for sure – Gibellina nuova is not for entertainment. This is a place for melancholy and contemplation. This place is about the imperfection of the human world and the struggle that we are losing.

But if you come to Salemi, then this place is definitely worth a visit. Gabelino has its own celebration of life – and these are wonderful wine tours to local vineyards.

Here are some reviews about Gibellina nuova:

  1. The new village, with its futuristic dilapidated or unfinished buildings of the 70s, resembles science fiction scenery. Bizarre, oversized shapes and desolate places are scattered in the surrounding area. Therefore, this place is absolutely worth a visit for those who love weirdness.
  2. This is a strange feeling, a mixture of amazement, anger, sadnessA space with works by artists from all over the world left to degrade “time”, nature and the garbage present in many places. We went at lunchtime and it was like a desert city. It is a pity that such a beautiful country left us such a sad memory.
  3. The project on which the birth of the new Gibellina is based is certainly admirable and may even be successful, but it must be carried out not in Italy, but in another country. We have built another cathedral in a desert left desolate and desolated. It looks like a ghost town.

Probably, we, citizens who do not paint the facade of our house, and do not keep the garden in order, should blame ourselves a little.

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Houses for 1 euro near Gabelina:
Next to Jabelina is the city of Salemi. Since 2021, the One Euro house program has been running in this city, and a documentary series on the BBC has recently begun filming.

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