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Parcodisegesta is an archeological museum in Sicily that travelers leave a lot of positive feedback about.

In short guides for Parcodisegesta you can read:

“The city of Segesta was founded between the second and first millennium BC. According to these data, we can safely say that the city is over 3000 years old. It received its glory and flourishing as a political and cultural center in 800 BC. The stunning Temple of Aphrodite Urania was built here. Here are magnificent and unique, priceless archeological monuments.

Those who have been here write: The temple is magnificent, but the fact that I ended up in this temple at sunset is just perfect. I am glad that they have buses that will take you to the top, where you can walk around the ruins of the theater, the castle and see amazing places. The view of the farmland surrounding the site is beautiful. The place is well maintained and there is also parking some distance away. The entrance is inexpensive and for this money you will be taken up to the temple by bus, which rises to the top of the mountain every half hour. This was one of our favorite stops in Sicily.

What else is interesting in Sagesta?

Each summer, Sajesta tries to host a range of events with artists or musicians. In the summer of 2022, works by Mario Merz, Ignazio Mortellaro and Costas Varotsos are exhibited. We recommend that you follow the park’s official Facebook page.

How to visit Sagesta Park?

If you are holidaying in Salemi, then you will most likely want to visit the area. From Salemi to Sajesta is only 16 km and you can easily visit this place both by car and organize a bike trip.

Full details can be found on their official website:

Short video about Sagesta:

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