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Pietramelara – 1 euro house

More recently, in 2021, another Italian village has joined the €1 house project. Collecting information about this village, we would like to highlight a few factors you may consider when you’ll have options to choose and buy property. The fact is that Pietramelara is more suitable for huge business investments than for a single buyer. The locals prefer to buy land on the outskirts of Pietramelara and rebuild their houses there. The old buildings that are being refurbished, are located in an old quarter and if you want to buy a house in that area, you will find that there are a lot of emergency blocks of buildings around you that you can’t do anything about it. It’s possible for a large construction business, which, for example, can organize here a chain of small hotels, places for shops, galleries, or small offices for remote work. We want to say that to revive this area, serious architectural projects and calculations will be required. If there are such investors, then the speechless views of the mountains and the atmosphere of this place will be a great advantage for them. It also will be a convenient location for the municipality near the big city – Naples.

Pietramelara on the map:

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