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Pattineo Italy – 1 Euro House

For those who want to radically change their lives and join the Italian program “house for 1 euro” there is great news. The amazing Italian town of Pettineo has become a member of the program “House for 1 Euro in Italy”

So where is Pettineo in Italy? It has a great location! See it for yourself:

Map of the Pettineo area as a member of the €1 Property program in Italy:

As you can see, Pattineo combines three undoubted advantages:

  1. Agricultural area and tourist place in a beautiful mountain area2.
  2. To be on the beach of the Tyrrhenian Sea you need quite a bit of time.
  3.  Pettineo is located near Palermo, the capital of Sicily, and if you need a change of scenery or find an additional service for your family, this can be done relatively quickly.

What’s interesting in Pattineo?

This region will be very interesting for those who want to join the culture of Italian winemaking. The fact is that Pattineo has a wonderful wine terroir. For example, you can meet and try a whole line of wines: Popular among them are:

The Grillo Vigna di Pettineo wine is a Sicilian white with a great organoleptic depth, enriched by the woody notes given to it by the French oak barriques which, together with its fragrant scents, give the wine a wonderful harmony of flavours.

How to call to Pattineo?

+39 0921 336080


The official website of the municipality and a link to the documents of the "house for 1 euro" program.

Do you want to buy a house for 1 euro? Buy the book: “A house for 1 euro in Italy”

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