1 Euro House Europe

Probably many of us would like to leave our daily business and buy a house in Europe for 1 Euro. It would be better if your new 1 euro home is located near the sea.

 For residents of the USA, Canada and Australia, I have prepared bad news: If you want to buy One dollar houses in Europe, you will have to change it for 1 Euro. That’s because this is the European Union and you should be prepared to follow a number of rules if you want a house at a low price. But I don’t think this news upset you too much. In any case, when selling such houses, an auction is held and the application form must contain the amount in Euro. That is life.

But let’s start from the beginning. The first thing I suggest you think about is the design of the house. You buy empty walls that need to be repaired. It would be nice to have an idea of what your house will look like. What will be the walls, and design, and what furniture will you buy? This is very important and will help you estimate the cost of interior design at the stage of buying a house.

Design and renovation. Enjoy!


If you are still with us and you are not interested in all this beauty in design – I suggest you think about the country in which you would like to live.

Popular options include Italy and France. Good houses in the centre are not handed out to everyone. I would recommend that you start with Italy and find out what the conditions are.

We have also prepared a Gift for you and book ubout buying a house for 1 Euro in Italy!

1 Euro House Europe: all country !

Italy 1 euro House


Sicily 1 euro House

France 1 euro House


Spain 1 euro House

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