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Hello! We have something for you.
We conducted an investigation to gather links to official websites with houses for 1 euro in Italy in one place.
We also listed all their requirements in one table. We also know which of them will want you to spend more and which will want you to spend less.

Do you know this? No? Then download our free file.

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  1. Tracy Stuart says:

    I am looking for 1eu houses in Sicily or Italy

  2. Hello I am intreastedvto buy 1 euro house

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello, please give me details; I am interested in buying 1 euro house

  4. Good afternoon. As a first step, we recommend that you subscribe by entering your email in the form above. By doing so, you’ll receive updates about new opportunities to buy houses for 1 euro. Additionally, you’ll receive information on the latest rules for buying 1 euro House in 2023 house. We’ll also provide you with a promo code for our book that grants you access to resources that can help you avoid legal mistakesand contains 6 useful additional files that contain information about real prices for auctions, a guide for quickly calculating the cost of repairs, prices for other cheap real estate in regions where a house costs 1 euro and other rare materials. Many people are interested in buying a house for 1 euro, and we believe that our resources will give you an advantage in the process.

  5. This is a good decision if you choose the right house. As for your question, Salemi has already completed the first stage of the sale of houses for 1 euro. But there are other regions that started their programs in 2022 or 2023: I should note that we are volunteers who try to help you not make mistakes when choosing a house and do not sell houses directly. There are times when people face big problems at the stage of home renovation. They can’t find construction firms or they don’t do paperwork correctly. We write about it in our materials which we offer for a symbolic price. There is also a special promo code for our subscribers.

  6. I answered many questions above. I hope these recommendations help you. You know, as a site administrator, I recommend writing the region in which you want to buy a house for 1 euro and share the information in the comments. Perhaps other people are also learning the rules and getting ready to buy a home in the region. They will be able to give you useful advice and share the information they have. This partnership might work well for you.

  7. Lily Herrera says:

    Hello I am interested in buying a 1 euro house in Italy

  8. Thank you for your message! We have checked your information and we can say that we have experienced a large-scale failure in the payment system. Please check your mail. We sent you the book free of charge as a thank you for your comments. Hope the book helps you. It contains a lot of useful information. If the payment system cannot be fixed in the near future, we will send our customers to Amazon, where our book is also sold. Have a nice day. Let me know if you received the book.

  9. Dear Lily Herrera. We are volunteers and do not sell houses for 1 euro. We help to develop this direction and we want people to have more successful stories in buying their dream home. The first step is to get the Italian Codico Fiscale, then choose the city where the auction of houses for 1 euro takes place and get acquainted with its conditions. You should see if you can fulfill them. Further, depending on your budget and desires to move towards buying a House for 1 euro (where 1 euro is the starting price of the auction) We write a lot about this in our book. Unfortunately, today we discovered that the payment system has stopped working. We will try to provide you with a link with the updated book on Amazon.

  10. Marie Wise-Miu says:

    I am looking for a list of available 1 Euro homes near the Sea. Thank you

  11. Please provide list with location

  12. I am interested in purchasing a home in Silicy for 1 euro