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Casa for 2 euro | 2 Euro House Italy 2023 – 2024

A house for 2 euros is a relatively new program that is waiting to be continued in 2023.

But her story began in Sambuca de Sicily. The thing is that the city authorities want to put their city in order and attract tourists as soon as possible.

What is known about the project house for 2 euros?

The €2 house program in Italy can be considered successful. Considers the measures of the city. We are sure that those who buy a house in this city will find many advantages for themselves in the future.

The auction began with a price of 2 euros and the houses were rapidly sold at higher rates. The highest offer was 7030 euros, the lowest was 400. A total of 8 houses were sold.

It must be said that Sambuca Di Sicilia is very often found in blogger reviews on YouTube and you can see the full cycle from buying to restoring a house. You can watch one of these videos below. The rules for buying a Casa for 2 euros are quite transparent and do not contain unnecessary regulation and large deposits, as is sometimes found in similar Italian projects.
Recently, a large community from different countries has gathered around the casa project for 2 euros, and you can easily find people who look the same way with you. If you want to know more about such initiatives and about houses for 1 euro in Italy, then here is a complete list and a map of such regions.

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What are the results of the Casa 2 Euro auction?

Information about the winners can be found here:

What do houses for sale look like?

All photos are taken from the official website of the Municipality. You will find a map and contacts at the end of the article.

How to apply to buy a house in the Casa 2 Euro project?

Let’s not forget that participation in such projects implies a security deposit. For Sambuca Di Sicilia it is 5,000 euros. This amount is indicated in the application that you make in Italian.

To make it easier for you to understand what is written there. Especially for the readers of the site, we have translated this document into English. Important! You can download the file below but use it for informational purposes only.


The official website of the program is listed below in the FAQ

User FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions for Securing Your 2 Euro Houses in Italy

When will the 2 euro homes for sale in Italy program end in 2023?

According to the regulations on the official website, the program is scheduled to run from 2021 to 2023. In early 2024, we expect the program’s results to determine which properties remain available and whether the program will continue.

What are the repair conditions for this program?

  • The buyer is obligated to renovate the property within three years from the signing of the preliminary purchase agreement.
  • The deed of sale will be formalized after confirming the correctness of the completed work. The preliminary purchase agreement is signed, and you become the final owner after completing the renovation. Note: Consider all risks.

What was the deposit for the casa for 2 euro program?

The deposit was 5000 euros.

If I didn’t win the auction, when will the money be refunded to my account?

The money will be refunded within 30 banking days.

Can I submit an application at the end of 2023?

No, the application process has ended.

Where was the deposit transferred?

The deposit was transferred using the details provided on the official website – Obtain information only from official sources.

Video CASA 2 EURO :

We also want to recommend you a few YouTube channels and bloggers Tamara & Gary Holm who are great at talking about the region and restoring an Italian home.

Map Casa 2 Euro “Sambuca di Sicilia”:

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