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The one who seeks opportunities always ends up among the first. We’re glad that you are reading this article because we appreciate people with a free spirit. We admire those who aren’t afraid to take on a challenge. After all, if there’s a chance to get a piece of Italy for a small amount of…

The one who seeks opportunities always ends up among the first. We’re glad that you are reading this article because we appreciate people with a free spirit. We admire those who aren’t afraid to take on a challenge. After all, if there’s a chance to get a piece of Italy for a small amount of money, why refuse it? Here, we’ll share everything we know about Italian house auctions for 1 dollar (a list and overview of houses for sale are attached), and we’ll also explore another mechanism for purchasing real estate at low-cost auctions.

Stop! You might say. Does this really work? It looks intimidating and a bit suspicious.

And our answer: Thank the Italian bureaucracy. Everyone complains about it, and often it is indeed challenging, but in some cases, the bureaucratic procedure, provided by Italian legislation, works perfectly to acquire an excellent house at a government auction below its market value.

We want to emphasize that all the advertising and promises of investors about increasing income constantly drive up the cost of housing. To obtain its real or discounted value, it can only happen if it goes through a procedure controlled by the government. (Agree, trusting the government is better than relying on unknown realtors.) Let’s get started

Don’t succumb to the hype, and don’t be part of the crowd. The key rule of this club is to be precise. A good football player or boxer knows what he’s doing; he is precise and a professional. Be a pro when buying a house at an Italian auction.

Before we begin, remember – for a real deal, especially if you live in the USA, Canada, Australia, or any other country, you must know that to purchase property in Italy, you need to obtain an Italian Codice Fiscale (tax code). This article will tell you about it, so just save it for the future.

What you need to know about $1 house auctions and what to do about it?

  1. Property prices usually exceed one dollar. Below is a table indicating the auction prices from auctions held in Salemi and Mussomeli. Simply download the file to get an idea of the bid prices.
  1. An auction means that you will pay a deposit, which will be frozen for three years until you complete the renovation. This amount varies from $3 to $6,000, depending on regional rules. You will need additional permits for construction and building reconstruction: an application granting the right to commence construction work.You will also need to create a reconstruction project (you also present this project to the municipality), and local architectural firms can do this for you. In our ebook on the 1-euro house, we detail the application process, how to choose a house, and what to pay attention to. It helps save money during the purchase and after.
  2. Many regions organizing $1 house auctions have additional participation rules and application forms, which they provide on their websites (usually in Italian, and you may need to translate them to understand what is written there). Later in the article, there will be a table listing cities; keep reading. As an example, you can download this file for your application.
  3. In many Italian cities, it is required that your auction participation application be sent by regular mail and properly formatted. This should be taken into account when buying a $1 house.

What is the typical layout of houses that are available at auction for $1?

You’ve probably noticed that these Italian houses for auction at 1 dollar look similar. That’s true. Let’s examine some of the most common projects, and we can immediately highlight the following:

Have you noticed that the houses auctioned for $1 practically have no land? Only a few include an internal courtyard. These are the houses with courtyards that can be considered as 1$ villas in Italy.

If, like me, having your own land, garden, and territory is important to you, read this article to the end. We’ll talk about state judicial auctions that offer the opportunity to buy inexpensive Italian villas for less.

It won’t cost just one dollar, but we live in the real world. The main thing is that we pay less than everyone else because we are not afraid to delve into the details.

And for now, let’s take a look at the websites.

1 Dollar Homes in Italy 2024

As you click on the links, don’t forget to come back. At the end of the article, there are additional downloadable files and a practical guide for homes with land and state judicial auctions.

List of 1 Euro Cities 2024. Current Links. All Conditions in One Table, Only Here! We Send It for Free!

Here are examples of houses that have been restored from ruins:

Аuction house in italy. An alternative way to buy a Cheap Property in italy

The traditional real estate market is NOT the only way to buy a house. There is a more sensible way that more and more people are using — the real estate auction market.

To understand how the price is determined at an auction, it’s important to know that:

  1. This property is appraised by a technical specialist appointed by a third party, typically a competent local court.
  2. The technician (engineer) also independently assesses the house based on public documents and provides their conclusion, highlighting any problems and the costs to address them. Thus, at the end of the assessment, there is an objective property value, and the starting price, determined by the court, will be lower than the initial cost.

How do inexpensive homes in Italy appear at auctions?

Over the last three years, Europe, including Italy, has faced several challenges that have significantly impacted the development of entire business sectors and property owners.

For example, the severe impact of Covid-19 has weighed heavily on small and medium-sized businesses, leading to a series of bankruptcies and prompting banks to seize properties that were used as collateral.

Another significant factor has been the war in Ukraine, disrupting many supply chains and making the cost of energy very high. All of this has also affected property owners’ ability to repay mortgages. Moreover, mortgage rates continue to rise, making payments difficult, especially for those who owned two or three houses or apartments.

Important! All these properties are listed on the official Ministry of Justice portal https://pvp.giustizia.it/pvp/. Here, you will find the majority of objects once you understand how everything works. But before you go, a step-by-step plan for participating in these auctions is available for our subscribers, along with a comparative analysis of conditions for 1 dollar houses.

Download this free short guide that will be useful to you if you leave this article.

Buying property in Italy pitfalls:

These points mainly apply to regular houses sold in Italy. Of course, if you buy a discounted house at an auction, there will also be mandatory expenses for completing the transaction, but these amounts will be significantly smaller.

So, it’s essential to consider that, in addition to the cost of the house, you will also have to pay:

  1. Real Estate Agent: A commission typically around 3-4% of the property’s value.
  2. Costs for Buying and Selling: Stamp duties, registration fees, and, most importantly, notary expenses.
  3. Mortgage Costs: According to Italian statistics, the share of mortgages has decreased to 43%. If you buy a house with a mortgage, you will have to undergo a property appraisal by the bank, and often their assessment may differ from the market price you are paying.

To find out more information, read the FAQ.

FAQ: Аuction house in Italy

This is a general frequently asked questions section for two different types of auctions: $1 property auctions and State Judicial Auctions.

FAQ for $1 Property Auctions

Q4: Can an American buy property in Italy? Yes, American citizens can buy property in Italy without restrictions.

Q: What is $1 property?

$1 property refers to a house or building offered for sale at the price of $1. This property is often located in rural areas that have suffered from depopulation and economic decline and is sold as part of a broader initiative to revitalize these communities.

Q: Why are these properties sold for $1?

There are several reasons why properties are sold for just $1. Firstly, many of these properties are situated in abandoned or depopulated areas, and local authorities are seeking ways to bring new life and investment into these communities.

Another reason is that the properties themselves may be in a state of disrepair, requiring significant renovations to make them suitable for habitation. By offering them for sale at a low price, municipal authorities hope to attract buyers willing to invest in the restoration of the property and bring it back to life.

FAQ for State Judicial Auctions

Can foreigners outside the EU participate in the auctions?

It’s important to understand that there are some restrictions. The following can participate:
Foreigners from the 27 EU countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Hungary.
Foreigners arriving from the European Economic Area, which includes all EU countries plus Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein.
Foreigners with political refugee status residing in Italy for 3 or more years.
Countries with which Italy has a “Reciprocity Agreement” according to Article 492 of the Italian Civil Code. And also countries with which the Italian government has concluded a “Reciprocity Agreement.”
According to Article 492 of the Italian Civil Code, citizens of foreign countries that have concluded a reciprocity agreement with Italy have the right to participate in real estate auctions in Italy. The reciprocity agreement must ensure Italian citizens the right to participate in similar auctions in the foreign citizen’s country of nationality.
Currently, Italy has reciprocity agreements with more than 100 countries worldwide.
Among them are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and others.

How much money do I need to participate in the auction?

To participate in the auction, you need to have a monetary deposit (equal to 10/20% of the proposed price). You also need to consider if you have the necessary financial means to cover additional expenses and possibly assess the possibility of obtaining a mortgage if you don’t want to use all your savings.

Can I get a mortgage to buy property at an auction?

Absolutely yes. You can take out a mortgage to buy property at an auction.

Is the deposit refunded if I don’t win the property and someone else bids more?

Yes, if you don’t win the property, the deposit you made will be refunded to the current account used for payment.

Buying property in Italy for 1 dollar. Video:

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