$1 house auctions in Italy

If you are thinking about buying a home in Sicily or Italy and are ready for a big Italian adventure, you will definitely need information about the 1 dollar homes in Italy website.

We have a great article for you. You can see a list and a map of the regions that hold an auction under the $1 House program (euro equivalent).

Where to start?

 If you live in the USA, Canada or Australia and in any country other than Italy, you should know that in order to buy property in Italy you need to get an Italian Codico Fiscale (tax number). This article will tell you about it just save it for the future.

Now the most important thing about $1 house auctions:

  1. Real estate prices are usually higher than one dollar. Below is a table that shows the prices for the auction that took place in Salemi. In early 2023, BBC One, along with Alan Carr and Amanda Holden, produced a wonderful entertainment series about it:

2. The auction means that you will pay a security deposit that will be frozen for three years until you make repairs. This amount ranges from $3 to $5,000 depending on region rules. In our ebook about 1 Euro House , we write in detail about how to apply, how to choose a house and what you should pay attention to.

3. Many regions that provide $1 homes for sale have their own additional rules for participation, they write about it on their websites (usually these websites and documents are in Italian and you will need to translate them to understand what is written there).

We have indicated the simplest basic application as an example in this article where you can download it for free for review.

4. Many Italian cities require that your application be sent by regular mail and properly formatted. This should be taken into account when buying a $1 Home.

5. Get ready to face the Italian bureaucracy. You will need additional permits for the construction and reconstruction of buildings: an application that gives the right to start construction work. You will also need to draw up a renovation project (you also submit this project to the municipality) and local architect firms can do it for you.

6. We advise you to look at the regions in Italy where the house is being auctioned for 1 dollar (euro) as a map of where cheap real estate is being sold. Indeed, it is often cheaper to buy a finished house than to spend the same money. In such cities, you can buy a house in good condition for 30,000 – 35,000 dollars. Write your questions in the comments!

Buying property in Italy for $1

We can safely say that this is a real adventure if you decide to move to live in Italy. What you watched on the BBC for several episodes was filmed and prepared for more than six months by a large number of specialists.

If you are considering Italy and Sicily as starting points for business, then I think that you are on the right track. There are a number of programs in Italy that are ready to support you if you put in enough effort.

See our book and success in your business.

Buying property in Italy for $1. Video:

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