Codice Fiscale

Codice Fiscale

A Codice Fiscale is the Italian version of a National Insurance number (NIN) in the UK, or a Social Security Number (SSN) in the USA.

You can get the Codice fiscale at the Italian embassy or in the country where you live.

There are two types of this document of Codice Fiscale. Instruction for USA and Europe.

The first type of document is plastic. With photo and barcode. It will take longer to receive it (more than 30 days), you will be asked for additional copies of documents and you need to send such an application in an envelope by regular mail.

The second type is paper. As the Italian Consolato in San Francisco ( USA) writes:


If you only need the Codice Fiscale, and you do NOT wish to receive the plastic card, you can apply by email to [email protected] for faster processing. In this scenario, you must fill out, scan (no phone pictures) and send the forms as PDF files by email, along with a photocopy of your passport picture and signature page (scanned in PDF).

Getting a paper document is easier, more convenient and quicker, and even after arriving in the Italian Republic, replace the paper version with a plastic card with a photograph in the Registration and Tax Service.

You need to understand that without Codice Fiscale you will not be able to open a bank account in Italy, do not draw up lease agreements, purchase and sale, do not take positions, do not control the work and other things.

Please note that if you follow the link to the embassy page, you can find three documents for download.

In general, our advice is simple – contact the nearest Italian embassy and apply for a document.

That’s all! You are ready for the second step of buying a house for 1 euro in Italy!

You can also use the list for the whole world.

Also Map of embassies in the UK:

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