Taranto 1 EURO HOUSE 2023-2024

It’s spring 2023 and we’re starting to hear that some cities are becoming more active in the 1 euro home program. In 2024, it became known that another house was put up for sale for 1 euro. The new city offering homes for 1 euro is Taranto, on the shores of the Ionian Sea. Yes, you read that right, it’s the 5th city offering homes for 1 euro near the sea. If you’re interested in other regions selling homes for 1 euro by the sea, read this article. We’ll provide you with a map for Taranto so you can see where in Italy this city is located.

Taranto 1 euro house 2024 and Map

Participation rules for 1 Euro Casa

It’s worth noting that this is the city’s first attempt to participate in the sale of abandoned properties, and this attempt looks quite modest. While we generally don’t criticize city authorities for their initiatives, for a city as large as Taranto, 3 lots is very little. Moreover, the houses themselves are in serious need of repair and intervention. In our extensive list of cities offering houses for 1 euro, you can learn that there are small towns that offer far more properties for sale at a symbolic price.

Regarding Taranto, the conditions are as follows: a deposit of 3000 euros is required for a term of 4 years.

The auction winners must:

  • sign the deed of transfer of the property within 6 months from the day you are awarded the home in the auction.
  • prepare the final reconstruction and restoration project for the building;
  • obtain all necessary approvals and obtain the expected building permit within one year from the date of confirmation of your ownership of the house.
  • complete the work within 3 years from the date of issuance of the building permit. Cover the costs of surveying, waste disposal, and everything needed for repairs. The official project website is here.

As we can see, the conditions are quite attractive (many cities are already asking for 5 or 6,000 euro deposits), and Taranto is asking for 3000. But this is overshadowed by the drawbacks of this offer. The city offers only 3 lots (see photo below), which we believe will not be suitable for every buyer. But if you are interested in these properties, you must submit an application by August 31, 2023.

In any case, we hope that the 1 euro home program in Taranto will be successful, and in the second round we will see more homes by the sea that will be available for sale at a symbolic price.

Taranto Houses for Sale €1: Video

Home for 1 euro in Taranto Review and Caution For Old Town

If you’re still keen on the idea of renovating a house for 1 euro, we assume you’re a serious investor. Why? Because these abandoned houses are situated in the historic part of the town! It will require a substantial effort in terms of bureaucratic procedures and construction to see the project through. But what advantages can be gained? Let’s take a closer look at the old town.

Taranto Old Town

It is well-known that municipalities and cities selling their houses for a symbolic price primarily offer them in the historical part of the town.

Some of these abandoned buildings fall under special reconstruction conditions. This means that restoring a cultural property is only allowed while preserving its original appearance.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to this approach. Among the advantages, you are likely to receive a larger package of incentives from the government – known as the Superbonus 110% or the seismic reinforcement bonus, Sismabonus. Among the disadvantages, be prepared for bureaucracy and restrictions, as well as additional expenses for research by technicians, surveyors, and engineers.

Cons of Locating in the Historic Part of Taranto

Being situated in the historic part also comes with logistical and construction inconveniences. For example, take a look at Taranto Street, which offers the second lot in 2024 along Via Paiesiello:

  • Want to restore the façade? Provide special structures to protect pedestrians from falling debris.
  • Want to close the street for construction workers to come? This is the historical part of the city – obtain special permission.
  • Want to bring in a container for waste removal? You have limited time.

By the way, consider that the streets are narrow, and not every vehicle can access your location. Also, keep in mind that your container must fit within these dimensions.

No, we’re not trying to scare you; we’re just saying that buying and reconstructing such a house in Taranto requires experience, knowledge, and a sufficient budget. If you need general advice on purchasing a 1 Euro house, consider checking out the book. Despite its simple title, it contains many technical details and nuances about the transaction process that you won’t find in regular articles.

Now, let’s explore the positives.

Advantages of Buying a 1 Euro House in Taranto

We discussed the bonus system earlier. While the amount and budget constantly change, it remains a practical tool to cover part of the expenses, especially if you’re planning a business. Regarding the technology of reinforcing old walls and the bonuses for it, refer to this article:

Sysmabonus – Strengthening the Walls of the House

Now, let’s talk about the positives. Let’s simply open the map of the old town. Look at where the main attractions are:

Do you need anything else explained? You are in the center of cultural tourism in this city. The sea is nearby. Let your imagination and entrepreneurial spirit guide you on what to do next.

List of Attractions in the Old Town of Taranto

  • Cattedrale di San Cataldo (Cathedral of San Cataldo): A beautiful cathedral rich in history and religious artifacts.
  • Museo Archeologico MartaTaranto (Archaeological Museum MartaTaranto): One of the most important archaeological sites in the city with unique exhibits.
  • Castello Aragonese (Aragonese Castle): A fortress on the San Pietro island with a magnificent view of the sea.
  • Tempio di Nettuno e Hera (Temple of Neptune and Hera): The sacred temple of Nettis and Hercules.

Restaurants and Shops:

  • Trattoria da Gino: A typical Italian restaurant with an authentic atmosphere and a rich menu.
  • Osteria il Porto dei Sapori: A cozy establishment with refined cuisine and a varied wine list.
  • Pizzeria Santa Lucia: Here, you can taste traditional and delicious Neapolitan pizza.


If you are looking for a place for business, such as renting apartments, and you have the funds and a good plan, Taranto could be an interesting option for you. If you are seeking a more tranquil place and a plot of land, explore other options for 1 Euro houses in Italy in 2024 here.

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