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We strengthen the walls of the house. What is Sysmabonus?

As the author, I urge you to read this material carefully. Hopefully, it will give you the right direction to renovate your home and save you a lot of time and money. If you have experience in renovating a house for 1 euro – write in the comments, readers will be interested to know your opinion.

The main problem in the restoration of houses for 1 euro is the need to improve a number of characteristics of the building and its walls.
Seismic resistance
Energy efficiency
Aesthetic appearance
Let’s start with the most extreme cases. You buy a house in a seismically active region and are ready to invest in its safety because you see the prospects for yourself and the region. It is worth noting that the investment of money in such work is significant, and if you are ready to get down to business, you need to be 100% sure of everything.

Why is it important? Because a number of earthquakes in Italy and Sicily destroyed many houses, and if such norms are neglected, everything can end badly. In many regions of Italy, as well as in Japan, the correct approach at the stage of drawing up a preliminary project for renovation is to take into account the factor of earthquake resistance of the building.

It is worth noting that you do not need to reinvent anything and Italian companies offer a whole range of solutions to help you solve these issues. If you have construction experience, this issue will not be a big problem for you.

Let’s talk about ways to improve the seismic resistance of a building and the rules that are followed.

In many cases, the collapse starts from the roof. The heavy roof sways under shocks and, due to its own weight, brings down the walls of the upper floor and then presses with its whole mass on the lower floors. If you do not need to take into account the historical requirements of the city and use ceramic tiles (we wrote about this in this article), you need to make a lighter roof (like here) and this will directly affect how you will strengthen the walls.
Strengthening the walls from an earthquake:

There are several ways to strengthen walls. For example:

Installation of a reinforcing belt around the perimeter of the building. Such belts can be reinforced concrete or from overhead metal belts. Often such belts are installed under the roof to protect the walls from mechanical shocks and the collapse of the roof down.
As an option, reinforced plaster CRM (Composite Reinforced Mortar) is also used. This plaster contains a special mesh that keeps the bricks from collapsing and pulls them together.

Corner connections. Special metal bolts or rods can be placed in the wall, which tightens the two walls together.
Many holes can be made in the wall (you can see this method in more detail in the video below), and metal fasteners are inserted into these holes. Special clamps are inserted into these metal fasteners, which tighten the bricks of the house together.
In any case, we advise you to pay great attention to the walls of the house and, if possible, choose the walls of the house from the tuff. Tuff walls are easier to reinforce and are easier to mechanically attack and require less material from you (for example, reinforced plaster material) because they have a more even and regular surface.

At the start of the reconstruction of the walls, it is also important to understand what is the condition of the neighbouring house and is there enough space to do such work.

Sismabonus 110%

In order to help the people of Italy make their homes safe, Parliament has introduced a special bonus scheme called Sismabonus. Its maximum value is 96,000 euros with the distribution of these bonuses over 5 years. But Sismabonus is not real money, but a deduction from taxes, which can also be transferred as payment to the contractor company that performs such work. A detailed study of this issue requires a lot of explanation and individual calculations – we only give you a general understanding of the possibility of saving your money when renovating a house for 1 euro. Learn more at the link. Or here

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