salemi 1 euro house roof

Roof renovation

If you need to do a roof renovation on your house for 1 euro, there are several factors to consider to get it right:

  1. It is most likely that you will buy a house in the historical part of the city and certain requirements for reconstruction will be imposed on such a house, namely, the preservation of the appearance of the building. This means that you will need to use materials (most often classic ceramic tiles) that will preserve the historical architecture of the city. And I must say that this is right, imagine what will happen to the beautiful views of Italy if everyone uses what he wants.
  1. These roof renovation requirements make things easier and harder for you at the same time.

Let’s list the positives:

  • You will definitely find a master who can do this job for you.
  • Due to the presence of different manufacturers, you will be able to choose the best price and quality.
  • Sometimes, in order to save the budget, it makes sense to purchase tiles that have been used before but are in good condition.
  • Some of the shingles on your roof may be in good condition, they can be used and you can easily find additional shingles in the right shape for you.
  • The design that holds the roof is time-tested, and it will be easy for you to make an examination and compare prices for such a design from different construction companies.
  • If you have building experience, you can participate in the construction of such a roof yourself.
  • Good protection against rain noise and does not attract lightning.

We list the difficulties and disadvantages of such a solution:

  • Shingles may have a higher price than other modern roof coverings.
  • If you get a permit and want to install solar panels on the roof, you will need to enter these data into the project in advance to provide for the fastening and additional weight that will be applied to the roof rafters. This is due to the features of the installation of ceramic tiles and their weight.
  • You may need to additionally strengthen the walls of the old house so that it can withstand all the additional loads that you are planning. You should think about this in advance at the stage of buying a house for 1 euro.
  • If you want to create an additional rooftop seating area as shown below, as well as apply shingles, you will need additional calculations from the architect and permission from the municipality. If you buy a house, not in the historical part of the city, it will be easier to build and create such a roof terrace.

Remember, no matter how beautiful Italy is, there is a certain bureaucracy and nuances here. When buying a house for 1 euro, we advise you to find out what condition the neighbouring houses are in. If they are in poor condition, and your work may affect their safety, it is better to look at another house for reconstruction. If there are destroyed parts of the house on the neighbouring site and they can interfere with your builders, then it is better to also look at another house. Obtaining permission to eliminate such circumstances will take your budget and time. In any case, we advise you to see the house in advance to avoid risks.

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