Italian town Presicce-Acquarica in the Puglia will pay you €30,000 to live in it

The village of Presicce Aquarica in the Puglia region of Italy will pay you €30,000 if you buy a house there and live there. So the city is fighting depopulation, writes Forbes.

The local authorities are promising a €30,000 grant for those who purchase a house and register their place of residence. The campaign is aimed at individuals or families.
The scheme requires them to invest in a building, the cost of which will be subsidized by a grant provided by the municipality.
Financial assistance will be available to cover 50% of the cost of buying a home, including repairs. About 30% of housing in the city falls under these requirement

To combat an ageing population – last year 60 people were born in the city and 150 died – the city is also donating €1,000 for every newborn. The island of Sardinia recently launched a similar campaign to attract new residents with a €15,000 grant.
Presicce Aquarica has been named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy for its baroque architecture and majestic palaces of historical nobility. Leaving the historic centre, you will find yourself among miles of olive groves, outlined by crooked dry stone walls.
The question arises why so few people want to live there. The fact is that in the Italian countryside there are thousands of these small towns, the population of which is irrevocably declining due to a lack of work, especially for young people.