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Life Is Adventure

Everything is possible in our world. Everything is possible when a person allows himself to become a child again. Anything is possible when he leaves the house and squinting his eyes looks at the sun through the jagged edge of a light green, birch leaf and pretends that he is the Creator of this world. Here he is walking down the street, and every pebble, every object, every person in this world, he perceives as created for him. He is the Creator of his world. He created it himself.

Imagine, allow yourself for a moment to feel that this whole world was created by you, only then you forgot about it. You have been living for so long that you have forgotten that you are the Creator of this Universe, you have even forgotten that you live forever. And only sometimes you are disturbed by the strange feeling that this life is not yours. That you are capable of something more, of something great … Just to remember what you are capable of …

Then this thought goes away, pushed aside by another concern for your daily bread, and you turn from the Creator into your Creation, which, although endowed with all imaginable and inconceivable abilities and virtues, does not believe that this is so, and therefore does not use them. Remember what you forget about every day. Think about yourself as a child. Remember your fantasies, your games. Who did you imagine yourself to be?

Remember how these fantasies excited your blood. How breathtaking you were from the upcoming adventures. And let your life every day be such an adventure. After all, you never know what will happen in a moment. This is an adventure. A man comes up to you. You know his face.

This is your wife or your husband, but in reality you only know his face. He himself is a mystery to you. And you really want to solve it. And you look at him with childish curiosity, trying to understand – who is he, what does he want? What does he care about? What is his life filled with? And he also looks at you, and tries to answer the same questions….

However, this reality is far from the life that surrounds us. This is just a construction … To get out of this construction, it is enough to regain the state of mind that you had in childhood. Remember? Curiosity, enthusiasm for anything, ignorance of anything, but only experiment and discovery.

Such a mood can give an opportunity to enjoy the rising sun, which gently tints the lower edges of the clouds in purple-pinkish colors.

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