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Attention! According to new information, Italy has lifted all restrictions related to Covid-19 starting June 1, 2022. All information is updated on the links that are indicated in this article.

The world is tired of the coronavirus and all of us want to return to full life. As you know, Italy is a tourist country and in many respects, the well-being of Italians depends on the comfort of tourists. It is for this reason that, having experienced serious problems with the coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic, the Italian government did everything possible to normalize the situation. In Italy, by August 2021, almost 70 percent of the population has been vaccinated. And this is without taking into account those people who have their natural immunity.
New!: Rules for Green pass Italia 
This summer, according to these data, Italy opens its borders. To people who come to Italy, there are applied sanitary and epidemiological restrictions, which can differ depending on the country of arrival.
Before coming to Italy from any country and for any reason, you must complete the European Digital Passenger Locator Form.
Citizens and residents of the EU, Schengen area countries and Israel can enter  Italy without mandatory quarantine under the condition that they:

  1. Completed the Passenger Locator Form before entering Italy;
  2. Presented the EU digital COVID certificate issued by the competent authorities of their country on arrival. The certificate is valid in all EU and Schengen area countries.

The EU COVID digital certificate is digital proof that a person:
vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 14 days ago;
got a negative test result;
recovered from COVID-19.
You can save a digital document to your mobile device.
Alternatively, citizens can request a paper version. Both options will have a QR-code containing basic information and an electronic signature to ensure the authenticity of the certificate.
More information is available on the official website for the COVID digital certificate.
In addition, COVID-19 certificates are required to enter and exit the red or orange zones (see later in the text) and may be required to participate in public events (fairs, concerts, sports events, religious or civic celebrations).
From August 6, 2021, persons over 12 years must present a digital green COVID-19 certificate to access the following establishments and events:

  • Restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours, pastry shops for indoor table service
  • Performances for the public, outdoor and indoor sports events
  • Museums and cultural institutions, exhibitions
  • Pools and gyms
  • Private parties (such as weddings)
  • Rural festivals and fairs
  • Conferences and congresses
  • Baths and wellness centers
  • Gambling halls, bookmakers, bingo halls and casinos

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Entry and transit in Italy are prohibited for persons:

  • who have visited or transited Brazil in the previous fourteen days (see exceptions)
  • who are arriving from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka or have visited these countries in the previous fourteen days

The Ministry of Health has connected a reference number, where citizens can ask questions about coronavirus. The help desk works  24-hours.
Travelers can phone the Ministry of Health at the following numbers:
In Italy – toll-free phone line: 1500
For calls from abroad:  +39 0232008345 – +39 0283905385

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