To-do list

To-do list

1.Enjoy a drink at any of the local cafes

2.Enjoy live music at Cafe Moderno in the evenings

3.Check out the Archeological Dig near the castle entrance

4.Visit the lookout point on Via Girabli where you can see the Mediterranean on clear day.

5.Visit the Bread Museum, full of traditional Sicilian bread art.

6.Take a bread making class at the Bread Museum

7.Visit the chilling Mafia Museum

8.Get a lesson in Sicilian History at the Archaeology museum

9.Attend Sunday Church Service at one of Salemi’‎s historic churches

10.Get Gelato at one of Salemi’‎s many bars for an afternoon break

11.Chat with locals at Pizza

12.Visit Tourist Office located in the main square

13.Visit the Remnants of the old Church in Piazza Alicia

14.Stop by the Nordic Castle and wander the courtyard

15.Grab same Lemoncello at La Dolce Vida for some evening fun

16.Grab a Salemi post cart and let all of your Friends know what they are missing

17.Go to Pasticceria D’‎Аgostino and order pizza with French fries, a local favorite

18.Brave the medieval streets and rent a car to wind down the roads of the city

19.Purchase some dilisious peaches from the local farmstand by the Piazza

20. Take a dip at the pool at the hotel Mokarta