Windsurfing in Sicily: A Guide to the Top Locations, Diners, and Sights in 2023

Do you want a holiday in Sicily and go beyond just lying on the beach? Why not try windsurfing? With its never-ending coastlines and powerful breezes, Sicily is a perfect getaway for windsurfers of all expertise levels. This place boasts crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes, making it a windsurfer’s haven. In this manual, we will acquaint you with the top windsurfing locations in Sicily, as well as the finest eateries and attractions nearby.

Windsurfing in Sicily 2023-2024. Place

Lo Stagnone

Located on the western coast of the island, Lo Stagnone is a natural lagoon that provides optimum conditions for windsurfing, whether you are a beginner or a pro. The lagoon is flat and shallow, with constant winds blowing from the northwest. The adjacent town of Marsala is famous for its seafood diners and wine, while the ancient Greek ruins of Selinunte are situated close by. By the way, if you’re traveling to this part of Sicily, don’t forget to visit our town of Salemi Sicily! It’s not far from Marsala, and we’re confident that the city will welcome you warmly.

San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo, situated on the northwest coast of Sicily, is a prevalent spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. The beach is vast and lengthy, with turquoise waters and a sandy base. The wind is typically stronger in the afternoon, making it a great spot for seasoned windsurfers. The nearby town of Trapani has plenty of diners and bars, while the historic city of Erice, located atop a hill, is only a few minutes’ drive away. We hope you’re not considering windsurfing on a bike and carrying a sail with you. With the gusty wind, you may end up being featured in the local news or creating a new extreme sport.


Mondello is a charming coastal town located near Palermo, the capital of Sicily. The beach is lengthy and sandy, with transparent waters and mild winds, making it an ideal location for beginners. The town is known for its lively nightlife, with numerous diners, bars, and clubs. By the way, a group of British scientists was assigned to determine what came first, the nightlife of the town or windsurfing. They claim to have given up their professions and were seen hanging out with local girls… Sicily is truly a magical place!

Capo Passero

Located in southern Sicily, is a secluded beach with crystal-clear waters and steady winds blowing from the northwest. The beach is surrounded by a natural reserve with stunning cliffs and rock formations, and the neighboring town of Marzamemi is renowned for its tuna industry and a plethora of seafood restaurants. It’s worth noting that the historic city of Syracuse is just a few minutes’ drive away. And not long ago, we wrote about houses for 1 euro by the sea. There was something about Syracuse… I would go there. I haven’t been yet, but I definitely will. How about you?

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