Altomonte but not Alto monte!

You have probably seen a beautiful Italian village, Altomonte, in the popular Hollywood movie “Equalizer 3.” Today, we will discover the truth about this place. Why am I saying this? Because… What if something was hidden from you? And, to cut to the chase, I must say that this is indeed the case.

I want to specifically address the residents of the United States. Recently, I received a letter expressing indignation about a family that traveled to Altamonte Springs (Seminole County), Florida, but did not find all the beauty depicted in the movie.

Attention! Official Statement:

I have checked and solemnly declare: In Altamonte Springs, there are no ancient Italian streets and steep rocky shores. Among Italian things, there is a decent Italian restaurant, “Nonno’s Restaurant,” serving pasta, and one olive tree in need of care. There are no rocky shores, so there’s no need for complaints. There are beautiful lakes, but that’s an entirely different story.

By the way, if someone enjoys giving unusual gifts, at the end of the article, we’ll share a method on how to plant an olive in an Italian grove with just one call and present it to someone for a complete surprise.

You can give it to a loved one, and it will be romantic, or you can give it to your boss – let them go and pick it up while you take a break from them… not a bad plan, it seems. Feel free to share in the comments what else can be gifted to a tricky boss.

Now, let’s get back to the main topic!

Altamonte Italy

Why did everyone start searching for this village on the map? It’s because the film directors showcased various picturesque parts of Italy (they are genuinely beautiful) and named the place Altamonte. In reality, these locations are here. You can find the article for fans of the film by following this link. Meanwhile, the real Italian village of Altamonte is experiencing a little shock.

It is known that several journalists have already called the town hall to get more information about the filming process and uncover a few scandalous stories. But even if we overlook this fact, the actual village is very unusual.

Just take a look at this miniature Roman Colosseum with a view of the mountains! (Not only mountains but also the Ionian Sea!)

How lively it is there during noisy Italian festivals! And if you add olive groves and vineyards, and a bit of fresh local produce and wine? What if there are no crowds of tourists around, and the streets are available for strolls and photographs? Can you feel that beauty of contemplation hanging in the air? Just a little more, and your hand instinctively reaches to book a flight or a hotel in the vicinity. Yes, we are tempting you. But how could you resist? It’s Italy, after all.

Population, phone code, and other official information about Altamonte

Some statistics about the village. By the way, despite the dull numbers, the village is part of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy,” “City of Bread,” “Green Flag,” and “Slow City” clubs.

Postal code


Phone Code




What to do in Altomonte Italy

If you love romance, it’s important to know that Altomonte, where more than 300 ceremonies are held each year, is considered the village of weddings. The beauty of these places attracts a specific group of visitors from all over Italy and even beyond the borders. I feel that these landscapes are sometimes worthy of a “Godfather” movie. It’s so atmospheric here, and at the same time not yet known to the mass tourist.

Bakery, ancient liqueurs and sweets, wooden postcards, and embroidery. Everything is created for little and big happy moments.

As for the history, it is impressive. Even Pliny the Elder in 25 BCE wrote that sweet grapes are grown in the village, and they make wine balbini from it. This history has left important traces in the route that goes from the modern open-air theater to the church of Santa Maria della Consolazione.

You should visit:

  • Municipal Park of Farneto ‘G. De Rosa ‘
  • Monastery Complex of San Francesco di Paola
  • Norman Castle
  • Сhurch of St. James the Apostle
  • Civic Museum of Santa Maria della Consolazione
  • Mediterranean Diet Museum

Hotel food drink Altomonte

We recommend only good cuisine. But don’t take our word for it and read the reviews. By the way, if you book any hotel through our website, you’re helping us a little. After all, we have a very small but lively project.

Why are the hotel pictures the same? Because we’re playful, and it’s a game. There’s a castle, a regular hotel, and a B&B hidden there… Curious to see what you’ll get?

Conclusion and Olive Tree

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Remember when we talked about the gift for a difficult boss and your comments?We’re waiting!

Write below, and at the same time, read about the olive tree and other unconventional things worth doing in Italy.

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